Grab Customer Attention Where They Live Through Direct Mail Remarketing

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If you thought postal mail was a thing of the past, think again. By using direct mail remarketing, you can grab customer attention in their homes, even if they are away from their computers or phones. In fact, by making use of direct mail, you can reach customers in ways that other businesses don’t. With automated remarketing from Capture®, marketing through mail and email is easier than ever.

How Direct Mail Remarketing Works Better with Email

While site visitors see you on the internet, they may not regularly monitor their emails. Open rates for emails can vary widely, especially between different industries. Your subject line should grab their attention and encourage them to open the message and respond. However, even businesses that get the highest open rates only have around one-third of their emails opened.

Sending direct mail to your site visitors can increase the chances that they will read the message because direct mail open rates are up to 90%. Take advantage of this to boost your remarketing efficiency.

Why You Need Both Direct Mail and Email Remarketing

Compared to other forms of marketing, the response from mailings is between five and nine times higher. When you use both email and direct mail remarketing, you get the benefits of both systems. Site visitors may easily put an email message out of their minds. However, they will need to physically pick up, read, and sort their physical mail. Therefore, they have a physical connection to the postcard that you send to them, making it harder for them to ignore your request for them to come back to your site.

How Multichannel Remarketing Works on Your Website

Multichannel remarketing leverages the benefits of first-party cookies, email remarketing, and mail remarketing. Capture®’s automated remarketing system collects visitor information of those who abandon forms securely and safely, adhering to regulations even in states with stricter consumer privacy laws, such as California’s CCPA. We only use this information for sending out emails and postcards to site visitors. Email arrives within minutes to a few hours while the postcard follows a few days later. Both work to increase your visibility with site visitors who abandon forms or carts, raising the chances that they will become conversions.

Let Capture® Help You Start Direct Mail Remarketing for Your Website

With our services, you can add mail remarketing with ease. In fact, there is little that you have to do to make this system work for you. Low effort and big results are how Capture® can benefit your business’s conversion rate. Start your mail remarketing efforts today by signing up for Capture®’s automated remarketing services.



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