Guide to marketing automation

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A comprehensive guide to marketing automation

Automated marketing technology promises less work, more leads, and more sales. However, the problem is that the marketing automation process seems to be overwhelming. But, even though you have no special technical skills, you will be able to run your marketing campaign efficiently. There are different steps for automating your campaign. Find a comprehensive guide to marketing automation.

A guide to marketing automation

Set your goal

Most marketers focus on the CTRs, likes, retweets, and traffic to set their goals. However, it is not a good strategy; you may feel distracted and cannot focus on the major metrics. So, what do several companies set some unique goals?

  • Win 100 new customers from Pinterest within 14 weeks.
  • Convert almost 30% of buyers to the mailing list.
  • Get 10% more brand mentions and positive comments on social media platforms.

After setting your goals, you can conduct a process based on your metrics.

Audit the content

Perhaps, you have already posted some content for marketing purposes. After establishing clear goals and managing your analytics, you can start auditing your content. A quantitative analysis of the content lets you understand how many website pages work best. You will also be able to identify the pages that are moving close to your goals.

A content audit should never be overlooked, and to make it successful, you should set your business objectives clearly. It is also essential to identify the pages with insufficient content. 

Choose the essential tools

Based on the audit part and goals, you can determine the parts of the sales funnel that need automation. Find the most reliable automation software for your marketing and remarketing campaign. Select the application which aligns easily with your goals. Capture is one such software that lets you integrate a range of third-party tools. Available at a reasonable price, Capture is a patented application with user-friendly features. You can attract more leads and increase the conversion rate.

Create quality content

You may have some brilliant content development ideas. However, it never guarantees that the target readers will read the content. Most importantly, the reader has a limited attention span. So, you should develop content that draws their attention.

Automated tools are useful for brainstorming your content ideas. Moreover, you can use tools for researching keywords and checking the performance of the content. Strategize your content and improve quality before publishing it.

Promote and distribute content

Automating your content promotion and distribution is highly important. Publicize the content that you have created for promotional purposes. Look for the best content distribution tools to make your task easy. Reach out your content to a wide audience. 

Social bookmarking sites also let you distribute content and make it viral. After signing up for the account, you can decide on the content to be amplified. Anyone can discover the content and learn about your products and services. 

Automated online tools also enable you to boost keyword rankings and backlinks through engagements and social signals. So, bloggers can develop a solid relationship with webmasters. 

Test and manage the content

Automating the marketing process is an intelligent decision. However, you have to be considerate enough while automating the process. In some cases, it is essential to test the content multiple times. Based on the testing report, you should adjust your approach. At times, manual actions may be more effective than that of automated processes.

Automated the emails

Create your sales funnels and send the most relevant emails to the right people using email marketing campaigns. Using the automated emailing software, you can-

  • Personalize emails 
  • Provide additional offers and information
  • Use actions and conditions to segment the emailing list
  • Set the frequency
  • Remove leads if they have already converted
  • Craft several emails and personalize them

Highly targeted and relevant emails generate more revenue compared to mass emails. A few years ago, mass emailing was a dominant trend in the marketing industry. But, today, personalization has become highly significant to make your email marketing campaign successful.

Use a reliable marketing automation tool to create a list of subscribers. Some automated platforms also enable you to manage the variables for your email marketing campaign.


A brief guide to marketing automation will remove your concerns. Find the most reliable software which makes the automated process easier. You will save effort and time in automating your marketing process.


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