Guide to tracking your lost leads

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Guide To Tracking Your Lost Leads

How do you feel when your website receives a lot of leads, and finally, it loses most of them? You feel disheartened at this loss. From every lead, there is a chance of earning revenues. You lose leads that are not interested in your business. Still, you can find a way to get back those leads. However, it is important to know the steps for tracking your lost leads. Discover the best strategies to gain the attention of your lost leads. It will also enable you to drive conversion. 

Why are lost leads valuable to your business?

Have you ever calculated the amount you would earn by converting your leads into sales? What is the standard lifetime of these leads? These calculations will let you know why several marketers put their best effort into tracking your lost leads.

Companies spend much time and money on generating leads. According to a study, it may take more than 5 years to convert standard leads into sales-ready ones. Moreover, it may take some time to transform sales opportunities into final deals. 

So, never let your leads slide out of your funnel. Track the leads to manage and convert them. 

Identify the reason for losing leads- Solve the problem without delay

Survey the lost leads and strengthen the way to interact with leads. It also reduces the chance of losing more leads in the future. However, make sure that surveys are not very long and boring. From the questions included in the survey, you can identify different types of leads-

  • Leads that have lost their interest
  • Then there are leads that have retained their strong interest
  • Leads that have a chance of feeling interested

For the last 2 types of leads, you can continue nurturing. However, it is also essential to know why some leads have left your site after losing interest.

When should you re-target your lost leads?

You might have bought mailing lists. But, you find that most of the mail recipients have not shown positive signs of response. In this case, you need to reach your business to the recipients repeatedly. When done properly, you will find a higher chance of gaining feedback.

Professional marketers have claimed that a little number of sales can occur during the first-time interaction between a company and its leads. Marketers need to continue their follow-up campaigns to convert those leads into customers.

The first step is to calculate how many leads you have lost. In the case of a large number of leads, you may not be able to do the task manually. That is why you can use a CRM tool to track the interactions of leads with your company. It will be easy to identify the most active and inactive leads.

You can visit social media platforms to check leads’ profiles. Learn about the activity of your leads. It is better not to deal with leads who have been inactive for years or pretending to be inactive.

Use the CRM to track your lost leads

Almost any CRM presents you with a special field for Won/Lost leads. But, some CRM systems have no pre-configured settings. Thus, there is no way to identify the reason for winning and losing the leads. But, the presence of this field will make the tracking process easier. The CRM administrator can incorporate this field into the software.

Other ways of tracking your leads

Lead scoring

It is a special technique for differentiating between higher-priority and lower-priority leads. You may also allot scores to these leads based on the urgency, project size, and availability of resources.

Enterprise-level and medium-sized businesses also can use the lead scoring process. While filtering through different data points regularly, you need vital information. Lead scoring will be the right way to identify the leads that have a high chance of getting converted.

Track the funnel

Integrate the sales pipeline into the lead tracking process. It will let you know the position of your leads in the pipeline.

Start segmenting your leads before targeting them

You can use an advanced tool for faster segmentation of leads. This segmentation will be based on different characteristics-

  • Position of your leads in the sales funnel
  • Geographic location (country and city)
  • Demographic details, including family size, age, gender, occupation, education, income, and nationality.
  • Website behavior (webpages clicked by the leads)
  • Company size
  • Email engagement (like CTR and open rate)

Capture is the most reliable software intended to make your remarketing campaign easier. The best fact is that it lets you integrate CRM Hubspot, which makes this segmentation process faster.

Send targeted emails- Publish targeted ads

You have already learned the reasons why your lead has left your website without making a deal. You can now solve the problem by sending emails. Some leads might have hopped to your competitor’s website to buy a product. In that case, you must inform your leads that you have refined the product features. Adding a CTA to the email to be delivered to leads who have abandoned shopping carts is also essential.

Another important step is to create a targeted ad campaign. Software for marketing automation lets you deliver advertisements based on the leads’ activities. Today, several consumers anticipate personalized promotional content from different companies. So, you can try to be creative while reinvigorating your lost leads via advertisements. Check for some important tips-

  • Design a customized landing page that would be effective in solving your problems.
  • Display your products from different perspectives- Highlight the best features and benefits.
  • Ensure that the landing page is personalized for every social media advertising and Google PPC.
  • For the leads that have visited your blogging section, you need to identify the articles which have attracted their attention.
  • By organizing online events, you can cover the pain points of your leads. For instance, you can host a free webinar for your leads.


These are ways to track your lost leads and convert them into customers. Use the best software to make this process successful and drive more sales.


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