How and Why to Track Partial Website Form Entries

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How And Why To Track Partial Website Form Entries

One of the best ways to generate leads for your business is to integrate forms. Your visitors get a chance to inquire about your products, make a purchase, book appointments, and submit requests. Similarly, you can obtain the email addresses and other contact details of your leads. However, not every visitor fills out the form before leaving your site. Interestingly, some of them abandon your platform after making partial entries. Thus, it can result in the loss of potential customers and leads. But, there are some ways to track partial website form entries.

Before discussing the technical process, we need to talk about the benefits of tracking the partial form entries. The concept of partial form entries is almost like abandoned shopping carts. But, in this case, the visitor abandons the form, not the cart.

Your potential customers might have been interested in opening the form. However, for some reason, they have stopped filling out the form. Without any initiative from your side, you cannot get those visitors back to your site. Thus, there is a chance of losing out some leads. You must track them and try to convince them to visit your site and make a deal.

Some interesting statistical details about the form abandonments and partial entries.

  • 27% of website visitors think of abandoning the web form when they find it lengthy.
  •  More than 80% of online visitors have a habit of leaving the website form after starting to fill it out.
  • 13% of consumers prefer paper-based forms and do not like the web forms to submit their entries.
  • Due to the absence of trust badges, several shoppers like to abandon the form.
  • 30% of consumers like to re-visit the website and complete a form when they find the free offers from the brand.

What are the common reasons for abandoning your website form?

There may be different reasons why your leads have filled out the form partially.

  • Something on your website and in a browser tab has distracted visitors.
  • It is a very long web form.
  • The fields in the form are confusing. Your website visitors do not know how to proceed.
  • You have added different irrelevant questions to the form.
  • For some reason, your visitors have felt security concerns.

Partial entries do not denote 100% abandonment of form. They provide you with some data on where your leads have dropped off the form. You may have their contact details and a few other details. It will be easy to follow them up and re-engage them with your business.

Ways to track partial website form entries

Regardless of the type of web form used on your website, partial entries and abandoned forms affect your business revenues. However, you can use plugins like Gravity Forms to capture these partial entries. You will also be able to check the details submitted by your website visitors.

There are a few steps for installing the add-on- Gravity Forms. Go to the Forms menu on your WordPress site. You will find the Add-ons option, where you can select the Partial Entries plugin. Install and activate it with a few clicks.

In the subsequent step, you have to set the forms to track partial entries. From the Forms menu, you need to select the form. Decide on the name of the form and hit the settings option. You will find the Partial Entries Form Feed. Enable this option by ticking the box. You can then personalize the warning message found at the top section of the website form. Although users have not submitted the form, their partially filled information will remain stored automatically.

Gravity Forms let you use conditional logic for the rule setup, and thus, you will be able to track partial entries. These entries will be shown only when some website visitors have submitted their email addresses.

On a single page, you will have a view of all entries of a definite form.

How to reduce the rate of partial form entries

Ensure that you have maintained the right length of the form

The data you need and the type of your business are major factors affecting your form length. For instance, businesses in the travel industry need to obtain comprehensive details of visitors to suggest the right trip. Thus, these businesses are compelled to create a long form. Still, they should not make the form boring. Calculate the average time needed for filling out the form.

Maintain transparency in the form of data

Businesses have to be compliant with the data protection rules. Thus, you must focus on privacy concerns and be transparent with website visitors. Let them know the reason for filling out the form.

Optimize your website forms

Several leads use their mobiles to submit their forms. Thus, your forms have to be mobile-friendly to prevent any potential issues while filling them out. For instance, the form design has to fit the small screen of the smartphone. Similarly, the CTA and submission buttons should not be out of place. You may also develop a separate strategy for these mobile forms.

Collect what is needed

There is no need to ask irrelevant questions. For instance, do not ask for phone numbers from your potential newsletter subscribers. Thus, you must be careful while adding a field to the form.

Identify your goal

The presence of several choices can confuse your visitors. Thus, you must have a goal to prevent distraction.

Final thoughts

Different ways to track partial website form entries can be effortless with advanced tools. However, you should also enable your visitors to return to your website and resume the process of filling out the form. By nurturing your leads consistently, you can convert them into your customers.

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