How Automated Remarketing Connects to Multichannel Marketing

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Automated Remarketing helps you connect your multichannel marketing campaigns and grow your sales.  Reaching out to your website visitors through multiple forms of media can improve your chances of seeing them return to your site. Capture®’s automated remarketing can help you bridge your internet visitors and real-world customers. The key is how the system automatically generates contact information for remarketing purposes.

How Capture® Gathers Information for Automated Remarketing

Capture® gathers information about individuals quickly. In fact, as soon as they start to add products to a cart or fill out a form Capture® gets to work. While some people will complete their work before leaving your site, those who don’t Capture® uses the information collected to deliver a message to them via email.

As the site owner, you don’t need to do anything to create this email aside from signing up for Capture®. The automatic nature of this system makes it easy for anyone to use. However, Capture®’s work does not only target the visitors’ emails when you add postcard retargeting to your options.

How Capture® Builds a Bridge to Multichannel Marketing Efforts

Capture® can bridge the internet and the real world by mailing reminders to site visitors in two ways. Email messages get them to return to your site via a convenient link. However, using postcards as another channel of remarketing gives the visitors a secondary reminder days later in another format.

Why You Should Opt for Multichannel Marketing for Your Site

Mail remarketing can be highly effective. In fact, when you use your site visitors’ names on the marketing postcards, response rates can increase by up to 135%. Combine this with Capture®’s email conversion rate of 10% to 15%. The results of this combination are major increases in your customer contacts. Therefore, by using multichannel remarketing, you can get more conversions and broaden your customer base.

Sign Up for Capture® to Start Using Automated Remarketing and Multichannel Marketing Today

With Capture®, you can use automated remarketing in multiple channels. These channels include both real-world mail and email. Sign up today to start using this marketing tool for increasing conversions. Moreover, you will make your website more powerful as a means of gaining a larger base of potential customers.











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