How Capture®’s Automated Remarketing and Salesforce Integration Can Boost Sales

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is one of the most popular platforms for customer relationship management (CRM) today. In fact, its many abilities make it a perfect partner for additional add-ons such as automated remarketing. This Salesforce integration with Capture®’s automated remarketing can boost marketing capabilities, making both platforms more useful for reaching, gaining, and managing new contacts.

What Salesforce Does for Marketing

While most people recognize Salesforce for its ability to handle customer relationships, goes beyond managing existing customers. It can be a marketing tool to bring in new customers and keep in contact with existing ones.

Salesforce also works hard to help businesses large and small to manage their email campaigns and customer contacts. The Salesforce marketing tools can manage information from first, second, and third-party data collection. Plus, the software allows companies to build marketing strategies and track customer experiences throughout.

Managing New Leads Through Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a vital tool used by many businesses to track their existing customers and interactions with them. Some businesses may use this to track sales or improve customer service. However, it can also help to manage new leads. Plus, Salesforce integration with Capture®’s automated remarketing can improve the number of leads your website generates through reaching out to form abandoners.

How Salesforce Integration with Capture®’s Automated Remarketing Can Boost Contacts

Capture®’s automated remarketing works by collecting form data as soon as the visitor starts to fill out a form. If they complete the form, they become a lead. However, if they abandon the form in an incomplete state, Capture® uses the information gathered to send them an automated email. This email gives them a link to return to the site to finish filling out the form. Capture® also works to bring back customers who abandon shopping carts without checking out.

Salesforce can take the information gathered from lead generation and add the contacts to emailing lists for staying in connection with the leads. Ultimately, the chances of increasing revenues go up with more leads. Integrating automated remarketing into Salesforce can boost conversions, sales, leads, and revenue by up to 20%.

Get Salesforce Integration with the Capture®’sAutomated Remarketing Add-On

Make Salesforce an even more effective marketing tool by getting the Capture® automated remarketing app in your Salesforce and Marketing Cloud App Exchange. For questions about Capture® and how it can boost your lead generation from your website, contact us at

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