How Direct Mail and Capture® Work Together

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Direct mail brings your website to the daily lives of site visitors and those who abandoned forms. With a physical reminder of your site in their hands, those you contact through the mail have a greater likelihood of returning to finish forms or become customers of your business. Automated remarketing from Capture can make both mail and email parts of how you reach out to customers.

Impact of Direct Mail on Consumers

Consumers experience positive emotions to physical mail that they may not have with email. In fact, 56% of postal customersreport they feel “real pleasure” when they receive mail. Your remarketing should be a positive connection with your potential customers. Consequently, using postcards directly mailed to them should be part of your remarketing efforts.

Direct Mail and Remarketing

Direct mail marketing is one of the most traditional forms of marketing.  However utilizing it as a lead remarketing is a relatively new concept. In fact, it lagged behind email remarketing for several years, not arriving until 2015. However, the effectiveness of remarketing through the mail cannot be denied. With direct mail, customers have to physically deal with the message. Even when sorting through the mail, they can see your message, which is something they may not get when glancing at email subject lines. Therefore, more of your message gets to them, and they have a reminder to return to your site.

How Postcard Remarketing Works

Remarketing through direct mail with Capture® adds to our already tried and true email remarketing method. First, people come to your site. Nothing happens until they begin a contact form or put products into their shopping cart. Capture® will start once they interact with the site in one of these two ways. Then, the program gathers contact information for remarketing uses. We don’t sell this information to third parties to protect visitor privacy.

If the visitors finish the form or check out their cart, Capture® doesn’t do anything. However, if they leave your website with items in their cart or an incomplete form, we send out emails targeting them to come back. With our email efforts, most users see up to 15% of visitors return and finish their forms.

Postcard remarketing gets the remaining visitors who did not respond to the email. This method sends out a postcard targeting these people with a direct mail reminder to return to visit your site. With an additional remarketing option, you can get more people convert.

Make Capture® Work for Your Website with Direct Mail and Email Remarketing

Capture® works hard for you so you can focus your marketing efforts on other things. Sign up today for one of the easiest ways to increase your site’s conversions and get the benefits of both email and postcard remarketing.



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