How to Convert Your Website Visitors into Leads

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how to convert website visitors

Maximizing how to convert your website visitors into leads is a vital part of any business digital marketing strategy. You may drive traffic to your website, but those site clicks will not help your company unless you can turn those visitors into leads. How can you best increase your conversions? There are several content features and add-ons for your website that can help you to do this.

Use Pop Up Reminders to Convert Your Website Visitors

Visitors may need reminders of why they arrived at your site. Consider using pop-ups to encourage visitors to stay on your pages longer when they attempt to click away. If you want to choose a less obtrusive option, you can still turn visitors into leads by sending them automatic emails.

Capture® is a tool that collects visitor information they put into data forms on your site. If the visitor fails to complete the form or leaves your site without checking out their shopping cart, they get an email. You can choose a standard message or tailor it to your business’s tone. The message should gently encourage visitors to return to the site to finish the work they started. This tool runs in the background of the website and still works on browsers that have pop-up blockers.

Offer Live Chat

Sometimes visitors feel the need for human interaction. Offer live chat on your site to connect directly with visitors and have a person encourage them to fill out site forms or complete transactions in the online store. Live chat can give make visitors feel more comfortable about your business, increasing the chances that they will become a lead by filling out a contact form.

Make Use of Calls to Action on All Pages

Don’t let any page on your website go to waste. Decide what you want visitors to do on your site and use that to create your site’s calls to action (CTAs). Make these CTAs clear and easy to see. You may consider using a larger or bolded font for these CTAs to ensure that visitors don’t miss them. The CTA is your last chance to communicate and convert your website visitors into leads. Don’t waste it.

Don’t Make Visitors Hunt for Forms

If your CTA requests that visitors fill out a contact form, don’t make them hunt for it. Have links available in each CTA or put the form into a sidebar on the website. Make filling out the form easier for your visitors and you will generate more leads.

Offer Something in Return

Lastly, give your visitors something for filling out the form. Instead of just requesting them to put information onto a form and click a “submit” button, offer them something in return. For instance, offer visitors a chance to sign up for your informative newsletter or download a free e-book when they fill out the form. Offering something in return makes your visitors more likely to become leads that will stick with your brand.

Sign Up for the Easiest Lead Conversion Tool You Can Use With Capture®’s Automated Remarketing

Don’t let your site visitors get away without responding to your CTAs. The easiest thing that you can add to your website is Capture® and utilize their  automated remarketing. This tool can turn 15% or more visitors into leads by sending them a message that they need to return to complete the form on your site. Sign up today for this remarketing tool to see how quickly you can increase your leads without any additional effort from you after the initial setup.


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