How to Convert Your Website Visitors

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Do you want to convert your website visitors? If you rely only on the e-commerce conversions with your basic marketing, you may only reach the United States’ average rate of 1.96%. However, there is a better way to boost conversion rates than just waiting for something to happen. Instead of sitting back and letting standard marketing reach them, you need to be more active in your site.

Automated Remarketing with Emails

First, you need to integrate automated remarketing into your site. This is a tool that uses the data generated by visitors who begin to fill in forms combined with responsibly sourced databases to create email contacts.

The system then sends out emails to form abandoners. You can create customized emails or allow the system to do it for you. Carefully worded emails can be highly effective in getting visitors to return. In fact, conversions of 10 to 15% are common with automated remarketing systems.

Combining Emails and Direct Mail for Remarketing To Convert Website Visitors

Direct mail does a lot more than email can in remarketing efforts. Too often, people ignore emails or have messages delivered to their spam boxes, where they never see them. Direct mail is not easy to miss. In fact, direct mail requires less brain power to process than digital mail and can produce more motivation to act, according to a neuroscience study. Therefore, science backs up the effectiveness of using direct mail to get people to come to your site.

Postcard retargeting bridges the software of Capture® automated remarketing with the high-quality printed graphics of mailers from Advantage to produce automated postcard mailings with AMP. Make this system part of your remarketing for easier direct mail contact with your website visitors.

Better Conversion Rates Are a Click Away

With automated remarketing, you can use the software for free. Capture® costs nothing for your first form on a website. You can add premium features for an additional cost, including direct mail remarketing, adding a shopping cart and additional form compatibility, integrations with multiple software programs, and much more. Capture® is a simple way to convert your website visitors without putting in a lot of work. You just have to set it up, customize your emails, and let it run while you wait for higher conversions.

Sign Up Today for Capture® to Convert Your Website Visitors

Remarketing is the key to convert your website visitors. Sign up today for Capture®to gain access to email and direct mail remarketing tools for your site. With these, you could achieve much higher conversion rates for your site. Don’t wait any longer to get more conversions. Set up Capture® on your site in minutes.



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