How to maximize your direct mail? Let’s Find Out

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How To Maximize Your Direct Mail?

Do you like to maintain the best future relationship with your potential and current customers? You need to create a tangible brand impression with direct mail to achieve this goal. A good impression will result in a positive effect, and you will find higher response rates for your direct mail campaigns. So, you need to learn how to maximize your direct mail.

Direct mail is of different types, and you have to choose one based on your marketing goals and budget. The most common direct mail ads are-

  • Postcards- You can use them for event promotions and quick announcements. They are the most affordable choice when you need to declare a new product and grand opening of your business outlet.
  • Letters– Letters include the response form and the envelope. You can use them for surveys and fundraisers. However, in the absence of an envelope, it becomes self-mailer. In this case, you can apply the postage and address before folding down the advertisements.
  • Wraps and inserts- You can use them for highlighting your business events and special sales.
  • Catalogs- Display your product lines with catalogs.
  • Dimensional mailers- They are the costliest option and involve the use of 3D elements and some pop-ups. With these mailers, you can run your targeted ad campaigns.

How to maximize your direct mail?

Due to technological innovations and personalization, direct mailing trends are evolving. But, how will you find the best outcome from this campaign? A few tips will be helpful for your marketing department.

Use the right format for your direct mail

Your direct mail should not look like any other regular mail in your potential customers’ mailbox. Postcards will easily draw readers’ attention when they are embedded with colorful visual elements and a bold copy. Choose postcards of unique shapes and catch the readers’ eyes. A large envelope with a personalized design can increase the response rates of your direct mail campaign.

An easy-to-read copy with a striking headline can hook attention within the shortest time. Keep the content precise and add bullet points.

Creative graphics and brilliant images are effective in sparking the reader’s interest. Regardless of the amount of content and the chosen direct mail format, you have to include the right keywords. But, make sure that these words align with your target audience. Highlight the CTA and keywords with additional color and bolded fonts. Your message needs to show your business value and direct your audience to take action. So, stop worrying about how to maximize your direct mail. This approach will maximize your direct mail.

Use color and fonts strategically

Your ultimate goal is to distribute your emails to the targeted mailing list. But, the mailing list can be used in multiple ways. You may also research your consumers by analyzing the list. Moreover, it will be easy to create a direct mail most appealing to the target audience.

Everything plays a role in conveying your message, from colors and fonts to thematic visuals. For every customer profile, you can choose affordable inline printing solutions. Print different variations of your mail to engage each group of customers and increase the response rates.  

Customize your message

Personalization is the best technique for obtaining the best results from direct mail. For instance, you must add the customer’s name while writing the mail. It will raise the response rates by more than 120%. With the high-speed and high-resolution inline printing process, you can make your direct mail campaign successful.

Due to the trend of using social media platforms, there is a trend in using social media platforms. So, brands find it easier to make online interactions personal. They have found that personalization makes a noticeable difference in responses and email open rates.

Similarly, in the case of direct mail, you can choose variable printing to customize your offers. Incorporate different details (your customers’ purchase history, company, and job title) into your message. With the personal offer, your readers will feel more valued. However, make sure that you have clean data before running your direct mail campaign.

You may also personalize the CTA with QR codes, barcodes, URLs, and phone numbers. These personalized responses should be sent to different customers.

Use more than one channel for direct mail

One of the best strategies to achieve the desired outcome is to integrate your direct mail campaign across different channels. Today, consumers anticipate multi-channel interactions. It also provides you with better opportunities to communicate and develop personal customer relationships.

So, you can blend some other channels with your direct mail campaign. The mail should be a part of a more complicated strategy. For instance, you can direct your mail recipients to store openings, event registrations, and websites. Augmented Reality technologies and QR codes can provide you with better business potential.

At times, you can also make phone calls for a follow-up campaign. It will raise the conversion rate by more than 100%. So, it is one of the effective ways to obtain optimal ROI.

Apply some proven methods

There are some secrets for triggering a better response to your mail.

  • Set a deadline for the availability of your special offer
  • Add a free gift and achieve success.
  • Tell the recipient about the benefits of your products and services. Do not simply list out the features.
  • Sweepstakes also increase the number of orders. But, some customers may not be loyal to your business.

Start analyzing the result

Like other marketing campaigns, your direct mailing program needs measurement and analysis. You have to test the campaign and understand the way it works. You can measure your direct mail using source codes, response phone numbers, and personalized URLs.

Final thoughts

Now you know how to maximize your direct mail? Just apply these effective tips and tricks to maximize your direct mail. However, nowadays, several companies are more reliant on email campaigns for marketing and remarketing solutions. To make these campaigns easier, you can use the automated technology of Capture® . This software owns 5 patents in remarketing and web form abandonment.


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