How to Maximize Your Google Ads Retargeting with Website Traffic

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You can use Google Ads retargeting to target visitors who have previously visited your site. Through retargeting, you can see higher conversions and more sales. To get started, find out more about how retargeting can help you grow your digital marketing strategy and more.

What Is Google Ads Retargeting?

Retargeting with Google creates customized marketing for previous site visitors. This allows you to customize who receives specific ads based on what they did on your site. For instance, someone who started a shopping cart might receive ads with similar products whereas someone who visited information pages might get related ads. Since you are sending ads to people who have likely seen your general ads, they are being targeted again, also known as retargeted.

How to Use Your Website Traffic and Google Ads Retargeting

You can use the information about website visitors to create Google Ads retargeting campaigns. Google provides step-by-step instructions for how to incorporate your site visitor data into its system. You can even choose dynamic remarketing that shows previous visitors the last service or item they viewed on your site in ads. These dynamic ads are more carefully tailored to the individual’s previous experience on your site, making them more likely to pay attention to it.

Make Your Retargeting Efforts Easier with Capture®

You can collect information for Google Ads to use in retargeting through Capture® and its automatic remarketing tool. Integration between these two services automatically sends information collected to the Customer Match parameters used by Google’s retargeting. This integration makes the process of using ads for retargeting even easier than ever.

Capture® Can Work With Your Ads To Grow Your Marketing Campaign

Capture® turns website visitors into conversions by remarketing to them via email or direct mail. While you can remarket to these site visitors directly, Google Ads integration makes the process even more effective. Sign up today to start using Capture®to make remarketing automatic and leverage the power of retargeting.







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