How to Reengage Lost Leads

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You work hard to get leads, but sometimes, they seem to disappear. However, your lost leads may not be gone for good. You can reengage lost leads through diligence. For instance, you may be able to reconnect with them by providing specialized content that attracts them. Find out how to make the most of all your leads and reduce the number of contacts you lose for good.

Organize Your Leads with CRM Software

Before you can work to reengage your lost leads, you need to have all your leads organized together into a CRM. This software should track contacts and sales made with each customer. By using this system, you can determine if your leads have specific needs from your company or respond to particular ads or emails. The data stored in your CRM software will become invaluable to recovering leads.

Provide Relevant Content to Leads

All your leads lost and not, interact with your business because you provide something they need or have an interest in. Keeping track of which emails they interact with on the site can help you to send targeted, relevant content to your leads. You may have recently changed your emails or marketing to cause some leads to lose interest. However, if you show them content they interacted with in the past, these leads may become active instead of lost.

Retarget and Remarket to Your Leads

Some types of leads disappear because they may have forgotten about your business. Remind them with retargeting and remarketing. Use retargeting to show your leads ads for your goods or services on the sites they already use. You will use your contact list and the sites’ ad managers, such as Facebook Ad Manager and Google Ads. By putting your ads into their typical internet browsing, they will remember that you are still a company interested in them.

Send remarketing emails to your leads to get them to revisit your site. Choose content for the email to draw them in based on their prior interactions with your site.

Automate Remarketing and Integrate Contacts with Ad Sites with Capture® to Reengage Lost Leads

Make the most of your list of leads and restore lost leads by making the most of your contact list. With Capture®, you can automate the remarketing process and integrate your lists of gathered conversions with sites such as Google Ads, Salesforce, and more. Get started with making the most of all your leads by signing up for Capture® today.



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