How to run Facebook ads that convert

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How To Run Facebook Ads That Convert

Driving traffic with a Facebook ad copy is easy. But, converting that traffic into customers is a challenging task. Running a Facebook advertising campaign that garners interest for every click is a careful science. Conversion should be your major target. It is important to reach the target audience at the right time. Surely, you cannot control your potential customer’s behavior. However, you may predict it while developing your Facebook ad campaign strategy. So, how will you create Facebook ads that convert? A brief guide will help you to get the most out of your campaign. 

Why is your Facebook ad currently not working?

Some of us think that Facebook ads work like other promotional campaigns. You advertise your service or products and earn revenues from sales. However, that is not 100% true.

As Facebook is a social networking platform, the major intention of users is not to look for advertisements. While searching for products, these users may reach Facebook Marketplace. It results in some issues with your Facebook ads.

  • You may have been confused about the target audience.
  • Your advertisements are not interesting.
  • Facebook is trying to know your potential customers. 

Check the tips for Facebook ad optimization

You can make your Facebook ad campaign successful and effective with a few steps.

Target your audiences based on their interests

You may target your Facebook ads based on the user’s age, location, gender, relationship status, and interest.

For instance, Adidas once launched a football-related campaign in South Africa, and they ran a Facebook ad campaign to target social media users who have an interest in sports. 

The campaign was so effective that its Facebook page attracted more than a billion fans. Similarly, your interest-based targeting will enable you to find more Facebook fans, email subscribers, and brand advocates.

However, you have to define your advertisement goal and select the right audience based on interests. 

But, location-based targeting is best for companies that host popup shops, in-person events, and special sales in particular regions. 

Use Facebook pixel

It is a tracking pixel that you can use for your website. It is a snippet of code added to your site, enabling you to track how Facebook users interact with your website and provide valuable data. Facebook learns about your target audience due to the pixel.

However, after adding the pixel to your site, your task is not over. Go one step further by using the pixels for popup campaigns

Create a popup campaign using a tool that lets you insert pixels. The best tool presents you with pre-designed templates. So, you must not overlook the steps for using the pixels for this campaign. 

Set a clear campaign goal

It is not related to the technicalities of your ad campaign on Facebook. However, you need to ensure that you have set the right goals for your Facebook advertising campaign. Thus, what should be your goal for the ad campaign? Most commonly, businesses have objectives like 

  • Promote apps.
  • Draw more website visitors.
  • Automate advertisements.
  • Receive more messages.
  • Get more leads.
  • Promote your Facebook page. 

Several marketers overlook this step, while others set a goal that does not affect their advertisement copy. The major intention is to increase the volume of sales. But, you may not be sure of what steps your target users should take. That is why you need to research and clear your campaign goal.

Convert engaging Facebook posts into advertisements

You have posted some content on your Facebook page, attracting lots of shares and likes. You can transform general posts into advertisements when your ads do not work. It is also a way to reuse a popular post and use it as an advertisement.

A/B test for your ads

A/B testing is one of the common steps for the optimal performance of ads. You can also apply it to your Facebook ads. Create an ad copy and make its variation. It is also referred to as the split test. For instance, you may adjust the image, placement, header, video, and CTA buttons. 

By editing a single ad component, you will find the high-performing version of your ads. You can then run A/B tests multiple times to trace the best one of them. 

Drive high-quality traffic from Facebook to the landing page

Facebook PPC ads can bring you a high volume of traffic to your website’s landing page. Professional marketers rely on social media sites to drive traffic and convert these visitors into customers.

However, you have to play some tricks while creating the landing page design. For instance, you may add a clickable design element and blue underlined links.

Low-friction conversion

Increasing the conversion rate is one of the biggest goals of a paid ad campaign. Over 80% of search marketers give importance to CROs. Some of them cannot use Facebook ads properly. They should learn the way to nurture their audiences to ensure the best result.

The smartest approach is low-friction conversions, which involve the use of lead-magnet to attract more subscribers to the email list. 

Retarget users who have clicked on your ads

You hope that Facebook users who have clicked on your ads and reached your website will make a deal. But, there is never a 100% conversion rate. Moreover, you can generate multiple website landing pages for different advertising platforms. 

To retarget those who have not made a transaction, you can use Capture. It is a patented software intended for remarketing and retargeting campaigns.


These are some tips for running Facebook ads that convert. Have you already applied these tips to your campaign? Still, you have not found the desired outcome. There may be some reasons behind it. Check for potential ad fatigue. It indicates that a particular ad shown to the audience for a long period loses its attractiveness. 

So, you must adjust the ads frequently. Moreover, you can run the retargeting campaign using the software, Capture®

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