How to Target Your Remarketing Audience

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If you want to find your remarketing audience, first you need to understand how retargeting and remarketing differ and how to find people for these groups. However, when you tap into the power of remarketing, you will find your website becomes more productive and profitable than ever, especially if you have a goal of increasing conversions or boosting online sales.

What Is the Difference Between Retargeting and Remarketing?

Retargeting and remarketing are very similar concepts with subtle differences. Both fall under the overall topic of remarketing. Remarketing sends out ads directly to the email or mail of those who visit the site and begin shopping carts or forms but don’t complete them. Retargeting creates customized ads to target these individuals on other sites, such as search engines or social media. Clearly, both are important to an ad campaign, but you first need to gather information about your remarketing audience.

Why Remarketing Matters

With remarketing, you can see website conversions 10 to 15% on average. The rates can even go higher depending on the effectiveness of your email campaign or if you want to also integrate postcard remarketing. These numbers far outpace the standard conversion rate of 3% for basic marketing to larger groups of people who have not yet visited your site.

How to Target Your Remarketing Audience

The easiest way to target your remarketing audience is to collect their information through automated remarketing. This software does all the work for you on your website while you gain conversions. With this system, you find out who visits your website and has an interest in account creation, quote requests, contact, or appointment bookings. The system sends out automated emails to get them to come back to your site. By receiving tailored emails, the individuals are more likely to respond.

Use Capture® to Send Targeted Emails to Your Remarketing Audience

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