How to track your abandoned Typeform leads? A comprehensive guide

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How To Track Your Abandoned Typeform Leads

It is truly challenging to draw visitors to your website. However, the more challenging thing is to persuade the visitors to fill out a form. Until they have filled out the form, you cannot collect their details for marketing. That is why every website owner adds a responsive form (like Typeform) to gather information about their leads. But, what will happen when the visitors have abandoned the form and left the site? It is important to know how to track your abandoned Typeform leads.

All about Typeform

The web-based platform, Typeform, has made it easy to collect and share information related to your leads. Typeform asks a single question at a time, and thus, the conversation becomes more engaging. So, completion rates are high in the case of Typeform. Still, you can find some website visitors overlooking your Typeform. You need to take some initiatives for tracking them for remarketing.

Typeform has simplified the task of creating forms of different types- membership applications, contact forms, newsletter signups, payment forms, and more. There are also pre-designed form templates that save you time and effort. With the intuitive builder of Typeform, you can design the lead form.

Whenever your website visitors have not submitted the form by clicking on the button, they leave some incomplete entries. Lost network connectivity and technical problems are some common reasons for abandoning the form. When the question on your form needs a lengthy answer, your visitors spend time on every page. It can make them annoyed. Whatever be the reason for abandoning the form, you have to find the incomplete entries and let your potential customers answer your questions. With traditional analytics tools, abandoned forms remain unnoticed. So, you need to apply the most effective way to track and recover your abandoned forms. 

How to track your abandoned Typeform leads?

So, how to track your abandoned Typeform leads? The best way to track Typeform is to integrate it with Google Analytics. 

Analytics code can be added to any Typeforms. You can track the visitors’ demographics, their behaviors, and drop-offs. Currently, Universal Analytics is compatible with Typeform integration. However, it does not happen with the GA4 format. You will now find the way of creating UA ID for Google Analytics’ new properties. 

  • 1st step- Go to the Homepage of the Google Analytics account. Choose the account with which you like to integrate the Type form. The property ID related to the account name and URL should also be copied.
  • 2nd step- Hit the Workspace and load the Typeform that you need to track.
  • 3rd step- From the Connect panel, you can identify the keywords like Analytics and Google Analytics. These are some integration options available for you.
  • 4th step- You will find a new window where you can paste the Analytics tracking code. Click the Save option. 
  • 6th step- Open the form multiple times and respond to the questions. Then, access your account at Google Analytics to track the Typeform.
  • 7th step- You can choose the Site content from the Behavioral panel. Hit the All Pages option.
  • 8th step From the URL of the Typeform, you can copy the ID. URL is the series of characters. Based on the Typeform ID, you can check the All Pages report.

The tracking codes of some embedded Typeforms are the same as the hosting webpage. However, you may categorize events in Analytics metrics. For instance, every visit in Analytics is categorized in different ways- 

  • Visitors clicking on the Typeform advertisement in Google
  • Visitors visiting the contact pages, integrations, and product pages
  • Filling out the Typeform and submitting their email, name, and address
  • Visiting the product pricing page

Track the drop-offs

When your website visitors respond to a question, the Analytics event becomes activated with different parameters- Category for your form’s UID, the question title label, and action for the question passed. Under the Behavior section, you will find the Question Passed events. However, you cannot track statement fields.

So, you have to choose the event, TypeformQuestionPassed, to detect drop-offs. To know about the drop-offs, you need to hit Unique Events. You will find the question that has received the fewest responses. 

As a Typeform user, you can track other types of analytics.

You may try to get a report on the overall performance of your forms. You will learn how you have to refine different parts of the form to increase the engagement rate. Thus, funnel analytics are highly important for your business.

You can also track partial entries of the form. Some contacts have provided you with partial data while filling out the web forms. So, these entries can also be tracked by using advanced tools. 

It is also good to create an email auto-responder for following up on your leads. As your leads have made entries into the form, you can send them emails for follow-up. Though Typeform is not intended for your email marketing campaign, there are ways to send customized emails. 

Abandoned forms cause a direct effect on your business revenue. So, you have to track them and take essential steps. With the data tracked by your tools, you can manage your ad spend. The proper tracking process will enable you to identify the best-performing form. You can categorize your leads and start the ad retargeting campaign. The campaign ROI is also measurable with Typeform submission. You can now choose your analytics tools to connect them with Typeform. It will be easy to make conversions. 

Final thoughts

So, you have now understood how to track your abandoned Typeform leads. You can integrate Typeform with the most reliable software- Capture®. Proper integrations of Capture® and Typeform will make it easy for you to collect data comfortably. The intuitive software prevents you from losing leads. The patented software can be the ultimate solution for your lead generation campaign. You can use automated technology for email remarketing campaigns. Send emails to those who have abandoned web forms and increase the rate of conversions.

Capture® is really versatile, as it enables you to integrate other software, including Mailchimp, HubSpot, Google Tag Manager, Salesforce, and Google Ads.

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