Increase brand engagement with the most effective strategies

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Increase Brand Engagement With The Most Effective Strategies

Customers are always at the priority of your marketing campaigns in both offline and online worlds. So, you should implement strategies that resonate with your potential customers. Most importantly, a highly engaged customer can increase the chance of pushing your revenues to a different level. That is why you have to increase brand engagement to cause a positive effect on your bottom line.

Who are the target audiences for your brand engagement campaign?

Your brand engagement has 2 avenues- internal and external.

  • Internal– This brand engagement is related to your stakeholders and employees. It is important to focus on employee engagement to build your brand.
  • External- It is the bond developed between the public and your brand. In most cases, businesses focus on this type of engagement.  

Customer engagement and brand engagement- Are they different from each other?

These terms are interchangeable, though they relate to the audience in multiple ways.

You need to draw customers to your business with a brand engagement campaign. Your brand will have a wider outreach. On the contrary, customer engagement refers to the way to convince potential customers to take action. For instance, you can persuade them to buy products.

Increase brand engagement: How will you increase your brand engagement?

As you now have a clear concept of brand engagement, you can implement the most effective strategies for it.

Raise your brand value with your video and photo contests

Ask your target audience to share your product or service photos in different ways. It is the best way to gather user-generated content and promote your brand values. For instance, you are a cruelty-free, vegan product manufacturer. So, you can ask your social media followers to share photos of their pets. It will let others know your unique company culture. You can reward the winner in some ways. The best fact is that contests also build trust and brand loyalty.

Vouchers and discount offers for your newsletter subscribers

Brand engagement is of different types, including website visits and newsletter subscriptions. Your subscribers will be pleased to get discounts and other special offers from your brand. Similarly, others will also be aware of it and like to receive promotional emails. 

When a user visits your site, he has some intention to make a purchase. With a discount offer available on your site, there is a chance of converting your visitors into customers. Show a pop-up window displaying that you offer a discount code to subscribers. So, visitors will leave their email addresses without hesitation. 

Push up your brand engagement level at different events

You may have hosted a business event and attracted audiences. But, what is the best way to keep these audiences engaged in your event and conference? Constantly talking about your products and services will make your audience bored. Instant live giveaways can help you to distribute your merchandise.

Ask your customers to give feedback

Every successful brand claims that it collects customers’ feedback. You will learn about the shortcomings of your products and services. Satisfied customers are willing to share their views about your brand. However, you should also address the issues complained about by your customers. You may also reward those who have helped you to grow your brand.

So, encourage your customers to leave some comments on your product pages and social media pages. 

Personalize your interactions with customers on multiple platforms


One of the best ways to develop a lasting relationship with customers is personalization. You cannot keep your customers sticking to your brand until you do not know anything about them.

To approach users in a better way, you have to apply segmentation and personalization techniques. However, to send targeted messages, you need details like gender, name, birth date, country, and address. This segmentation will divide your target audience, and you can address every segment more effectively.


These segments are based on your customers’ preferences, interests, demographics, purchasing behavior, and buying journey.


For instance, a shopper may leave your site after adding items to the shopping cart. You can send him an abandoned cart email for a remarketing campaign. Let your potential customer know that your company offers a discount on the chosen product. In this respect, we need to say that Capture® is a tool that helps you with automated marketing. You can automate your direct mail and convert more leads using this reliable software.

Find out the areas with a lower engagement level

In which channel the engagement level is low? You may need to work on the social media engagement level. You have to research the target market and learn about the audiences’ responses.

Understand the things not said by your customers directly

In some cases, your potential customers cannot say what they want. But, the tone of their interactions and brand mentions will let you measure their emotions, effort, and intent. You will learn about the feelings of your audience.

How do you measure brand engagement?

There are several metrics for measuring the brand engagement level.

Employee interactions

To identify the employee engagement level, you have to focus on some questions-

  • Do they stimulate others to work for your company?
  • How often do your team members respond to your business emails?
  • Do they attend your corporate events regularly?
  • Do they talk about your brand on third-party platforms?

Social media engagement

Check your social media pages to find the engagement level. You can identify the number of brand mentions, follower count, brand hashtags, and several other factors.

Email open rates and the number of subscribers

CTR, email open rates, and email subscribers are some metrics for analyzing brand engagement levels.

Web traffic

You should try to check how consumers engaged with your brands get converted into your customers. However, it is also essential to know the obstacles of their buying journey.


You can now apply the best techniques to increase brand engagement. Use the most reliable software for automating your branding and marketing campaigns. 

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