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Make the marketing efforts that you already have do more for your business. You can do this with a simple tool on your site to increase lead conversion. How can you increase your conversion rates without doing more work? Simply with assistance from Capture®.

How Capture® Works to Boost Conversion Rates

Capture® helps you to reconnect with those who visit your site but leave unfinished forms or filled shopping carts. Reaching out to these people can bring them back and boost your conversions.

Your webpage with a form has a small piece on it that takes up such a small amount of space that it does not impact page loading or interaction.

When someone types anything into any field in the form, Capture® goes to work gathering data. When the person submits the finished form, Capture® does not need to hold the information any longer because the visitor submitted it. However, if they don’t finish the form, Capture® uses database connections to identify the individual’s email and send a retargeting message to them.

Because information security is important, Capture® only uses responsibly sourced data from sites as government public sites and reputable third-party sources.

How Capture® Measures Conversion Rates

Capture® typically sees conversion rates of 10% to 15%. Some of our users have even higher rates. We use a specific identifier to determine how well our software works. For each email sent to a customer who abandoned a cart or form, we put a customer identifier on it. Conversions come from those who click through the email to finish the form. Influenced saves are counted when a customer opens the email but does not complete the form from the email link but directly from the site.

Why You Need to Maximize Lead Conversion

Initial marketing aims to gather conversions. You can more effectively market to these individuals who have already shown interest in your site and business. The more leads you generate through your website, the more effective your marketing has been and can be in the future.

Those additional leads that you get through conversions become people you can email directly. And studies have shown that email marketing is highly effective. In fact, sending direct marketing emails to consumers can provide your business with a 3800% return on your investment.

Get Starting with Maximizing Your Lead Conversion by Signing up for Capture® Today

Make your lead conversions skyrocket by signing up for Capture® today. With our automated remarketing methods, you could see a conversion rate of 15% or higher. Don’t believe how effective Capture® can be for your website? Try a trial today to see for yourself how well it works.



About Us

Capture® is a MOV•ology™ Company that provides real-time automated web form abandonment solutions to increase ROI using our Patented Technology Platform.

(US Patents 9,280,531, 9,286,282, 9,589,281 & 10,042,838).

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