Increase Your Ad Spend ROI with These Five Tips

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You don’t need to increase how much ad spend to get a greater return. Instead of pouring more money into the situation, make the investments in ads that you already have done more. Check out these five tips for increasing your ad spending ROI.

1. Improve Your Website to Drive Conversions

Your ad spending will be wasted if your website does not direct visitors to do what you want them to do. Therefore, have a clear idea in mind for goals for your site. Do you want visitors to buy from your online store? Do you want them to sign up for the newsletter? Should they schedule a consultation? Use this goal as your call to action on every page of your site, and provide a link to where visitors can take this action on each page.

2. Track Your Ad Spending and Returns to Calculate ROI

You cannot increase your ad spending ROI unless you already know what the value is. To calculate this, take the amount of profit you make from online sales directly tied to your advertising and divide it by your ad spending. Therefore, if you spend $1000 on ads and earn $500 from sales related to that spending, you would make $.50 per dollar spent on advertising. A number lower than $1 would indicate the need to change marketing methods to become more effective. Values of $1 or greater mean that you are making a profit from your marketing.

3. Properly Time Ad Campaigns

Your site probably encounters highs and lows in visitors and purchases, especially if you have a seasonal business. For instance, lawn care companies likely have more site visitors and conversions during the spring and summer than in winter.

Target ads during the high visitors times to encourage people to come to your site for the most common reasons. For a lawn care company, advertise your lawn mowing or garden care services during the spring and summer.

In times of lower interest, create ads that will make people think of your business at those times. For instance, if you have a lawn care company, you may advertise winterizing a garden or hanging Christmas lights during the fall and winter.

4. Integrate Retargeted Ads into Your Ad Spend

When people come to your site, your current ads have proven effective, but you also want to not lose those visitors. If they leave, use retargeted ads to remind them while they use search engines or social media that they should revisit your site. These retargeting methods can be effective ways to get one-time site visitors to become repeat visitors.

5. Use Remarketing Emails to Recover Abandonments

Remarketing emails help you turn form or cart abandonments into conversions. Within these remarketing emails, you may want to provide an incentive for the visitor. For instance, 30% of people who return to a form do so to access resources. Another 20% do so to get an incentive, such as a store discount. With remarketing emails using Capture®, conversion rates of 10% to 15% are common. Don’t let such a valuable resource go to waste, especially when you can use it for free.

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