Increase your Quality Score for AdWords campaigns

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What to do to increase your Quality Score for the AdWords campaign

Google’s AdWords is one of the most popular platforms for running your PPC ad campaign. However, you need to optimize your ads to ensure the best performance of the campaign. Quality Score is the main indicator of your ad performance. So, how will you increase your Quality Score?

How to increase your Quality Score for AdWords campaign

Review major components of Quality Score

The most important component is the expected CTR, which increases the chance of making your ads visible. You should also focus on ad relevance, which shows how closely your advertisements match the user’s search intent. It is also essential to make your landing page content relevant to the ad viewers. 

For every ad component, you will see different statuses-

  • Average
  • Below average
  • Above average

You will be able to identify the areas that need refinements. The most significant thing is that you should provide users with something they need. So, improve user experience to increase the Quality Score.

Find keywords from your database

Some marketers use only keyword search tools to source keywords for their advertisements. Indeed, these tools are good for targeting the right segment and creating a keyword list. But, you will find it challenging to match this list with the list based on your own data. That is why you should focus on Google AdWords to find ads and keywords that are effective for your campaign.

Google Analytics also enables you to identify the organic search terms which drive traffic to your website. If you are able to find the best term that generates attention, you can run your ads effectively.

Lower the bounce rate- Increase your Quality Score

Landing page performance affects your ads’ Quality Score. But, while calculating the score, Google does not consider the relevance of your landing page. It pays attention to the relevance of the sites, which persuades users to reach the landing page. Still, the relevance of your landing page is important to reduce the bounce rate. 

Write a clear advertising copy

Clarity of the use of keywords affects the Quality Score. The content of your ad copy should be effective and rich in keywords. It will drive your QS to a higher level.

Bid effectively

Your bids will have a considerable effect on the QS. The success of your PPC account also depends on your bidding technique. While placing your bids, you need to compete with other brands for the chosen keywords. Overbidding can result in the waste of money. On the contrary, underbidding prevents you from getting the desired outcome.

Bids that are set too low or high affect the CTR. So, your AdWords campaign will not be effective in this case. You will find a lower Quality Score. It is always important to focus on the performance of the bids and make adjustments accordingly.

Thus, these are some ways to increase your Quality Score for the Google AdWords campaign. Digital marketers and advertisers can use automated marketing software, Capture, to streamline their activities.


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