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Remarketing Strategy- What Are Key Requirements?

Remarketing is one of the effective ways to bring back lost visitors to your site and persuade them to make a deal with you. You may have learned remarketing techniques to achieve your goal. But do you know that some legal requirements are associated with this remarketing campaign? It is essential to disclose your use of remarketing platforms to the users. One of the most important key requirements for remarketing campaigns is privacy policies. You have to stick to global privacy laws while collecting and using the personal data of users. You may place the privacy policy link on any site where you claim personal data.

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Data privacy legislation is highly important in every country. It is essential to learn about your country’s rules when integrating remarketing campaigns. In the remarketing industry, you should inform users about the data collected from them. Disclose the remarketing campaign you use and let users know the purpose of collecting information.

Google AdWords functions effectively by collecting and tracking data. Based on this analysis, ads are shown to users. 

The United States has data protection laws that vary depending on the type of data and how it is being used. According to Privacy Protection Act in California, you should reveal your legal agreements clearly to inform users about-

  • The type of information collected
  • The way you will share the information
  • The process of reviewing and modifying the information collected from users
  • Description of amendments and effective date of the agreement

In the UK, the laws are slightly different, and they are based on the Data Protection Act 1998. Data Protection Directive principles in the EU are related to these laws. 

You may have a UK-based company, but you target Californian users. In this case, it is essential to abide by the Data Protect Act UK and CalOPPA USA. Thus, you should stick to the laws of the countries, including international rules. You can notice similarities in privacy rules found in most of countries. However, the rules set by the EU are rigorous. You have to be transparent about the data collected by users. It will prevent the violation of laws, and you will gain customer trust.

Google Ads remarketing and privacy policy rules

Google Ads involves using different tools to target your advertisements to those who have previously visited your app and website. While using these tools, you have to know the rules set by Google. According to Google, your privacy policy should provide additional information and let users know about your activities. Although there are international and national laws, you have to focus on these rules to disclose your privacy policies. 

Google’s rules apply to the audience for re-engagement and remarketing campaigns. Each rule is based on the concept that advertisements will be highly effective when you target them to your previous website visitors. You can choose the right approach to adjust your ads and direct them to the target audiences based on their interests.

Remarketing advertisements shown to your visitors can be generic ads. On the contrary, dynamic ads are for referring directly to the interaction details. For instance, you can show your product ads to users who have previously checked that item on your site. However, re-engagement is not a different feature; it is a term referring to a type of remarketing advertisement displayed to website visitors.

Another automated feature is Similar Audiences, as it presents you with a marketing list for your Google Ads. However, it is intended for those who have signed up for newsletters, bought a product, and interacted with your site in a particular way. Google can identify these activities and show your ads to your target users.

Agreements with different retargeting organizations


Conversion tracking and Tailored Audiences programs are intended to apply retargeting techniques. There are some requirements set out by Twitter. Advertisers have to notify website users and app users that they work with third parties for data collection. Moreover, advertisers must provide instructions on how to opt-out of interest-based ads.

According to Twitter’s rules, you should ask for permission for the activities.


AdRoll is one of the popular platforms for retargeting campaigns. According to AdRoll, advertisers should set a clear privacy policy and stay legally compliant. They must also disclose

  • The type of data collected by your chosen site
  • Third parties engaged in data collection
  • Cookies installed on the users’ device 

It’s important to be compliant and conspicuous while creating your privacy policies. 


Pinterest provides different advertising solutions, including remarketing and retargeting. Thus, as a Pinterest advertiser, you have to set a clear privacy policy to avoid legal issues.

Cookie policy versus privacy policy

On some websites, you can find separate sections for cookies and privacy policies. The major reason behind it is that retargeting is a complicated way to use cookies that need much information. However, you may also include every detail in the privacy policy. In case of choosing a separate section for cookies policy, you must insert a link into it. It needs to include at least some cookie details in your privacy policies.


It can be concluded that although remarketing is an effective way to restore your potential customers, you have to be aware of key policies. Maintain transparency in the process and avoid legal problems. Key requirements for remarketing campaigns are not much different for every platform. By reading privacy policies, your potential customers must understand how your company has implemented data protection methodologies. The policy should have a section, which gives comprehensive details about remarketing campaigns.

You have now understood how you need to focus on key rules for a remarketing campaign. However, to make your campaign easier and more successful, you can use the technologically advanced software, Capture. It is easy to use this patented software for your remarketing program.

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