Landing Page Forms: Know About Different Types

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Know About Different Types Of Landing Page Forms

What is the purpose of creating a landing page on your website? There are several tasks to be managed by your landing page. Landing pages can educate visitors about your company, collect their information, and facilitate conversions. But how does a single landing page manage several tasks at a time? You have to integrate a form into your site to improve user experience and get the best result from your landing page. Let us talk more about the landing page forms.

Why should you use landing page forms?

With a landing page form, you can enjoy a range of benefits-

  • A versatile solution – Several business challenges can be solved by online forms. For instance, you can generate leads and get customer feedback.
  • Adaptable to various devices– Online forms are easily adaptable to mobile and desktop landing pages. Most consumers like to use mobiles to browse websites, so your digital forms will be compatible with the format.
  • User-friendly– A busy potential customer has little time to converse with you through phone calls. On the contrary, filling out an online form is easy and time-saving. You will also receive accurate information about your potential customers.

Which forms should you integrate into your landing page?

Online contact form

‘Contact Us’ form is a must for every landing page. Visitors will submit only the basic details like their email addresses and names. You can also add a field to provide a space for a message.

The form minimizes friction, and visitors can directly contact you on your site. They do not need to go through multiple steps to interact with you. Moreover, by adding a Contact Us form, you can make your brand appear authentic.

Lead generation form

Digital marketers know the importance of this online form to generate leads. The form captures contact details, so leads can enter your sales funnel.


However, make sure that a lead magnet has been used for your site. Your visitors can access the resource by entering their contact details. You may also think of some innovative ways to draw leads. For instance, you can persuade visitors to submit their details by hosting a quiz contest.

Newsletter signup is another strategy that can be used with your lead generation.

Customer feedback

Not every landing page focuses on sales. Some pages ask visitors to request feedback from your customers. So, this feedback form contains some questions about the opinions and preferences of visitors. You can improve your services and products based on your customer’s feedback.

Instead of making direct communication, you may allow your customers to fill out a single form. So, there is a chance of showing that you give high importance to customers’ views.

Form for online quotes

You cannot set a fixed price if you provide bespoke services or products. You need to set the price according to customers’ requirements. As your customers desire a quote, they should provide detailed information to your team. You do not need to interact with your customers to create an estimate of your services. 

The online quote form will benefit you as well as your customers. You can implement a transparent pricing policy for your customers. You will not need to be concerned about bouncing customers due to unexpected costs.

Online order form

It is true that customers mostly put their products into their shopping carts. However, in some cases, they need to place their bulk orders or custom orders. So, an order form integrated into your website enables your potential customers to send the details of their requirements. It will be a frictionless process, and you can increase the chance of a conversion.

Which are the most important factors for online landing page forms?

User experience 

Simplify the conversation between you and your website visitors. It would help if you did not ask your visitors’ several questions at once. Choose a few questions and make the process less overwhelming. It ensures the best user experience for your website visitors. These users will not abandon the form if it is precise and contains relevant questions. 

Form logic

A properly designed form ensures that users can fill it out anytime. 

You can now create landing page forms for your website. Use the automated Capture software to integrate Typeform into it. It will be easy to add and customize various forms for your landing page.

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