Lead engagement tactics: Learn the best tactics for our business

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Learn The Best Lead Engagement Tactics For Our Business

Capturing leads is one of the challenging tasks. But converting them into customers is another complicated task. Your potential customers make a final decision after going through different steps. They research the market, search for products, read details, and start thinking of making a purchase. Thus, how do you keep your leads engaged? You must know the lead engagement tactics for your marketing campaign.

Lead engagement with retargeting

Retargeting is a way to reach your goal, as you can entice users to be back to your site. Ads are shown to those who have been interested in your products and services. You can receive their intent signals in different ways. For instance, your website user may have added some products to shopping carts. This action shows that he has thought of buying those products.

Effective web targeting involves targeted ad placement and tailored messaging. You can place display ads on your blogs, websites, and several other platforms. In fact, this web retargeting has become popular in different industries, including entertainment, eCommerce, and travel. Brands that are interested in engaging potential and current customers can apply this technique. To make your retargeting campaign easier, you can use software applications like Capture.

Find some more lead engagement tactics

Send email newsletters

Emailing is the best way to warm up your leads. It is a medium for engaging your potential customers regularly. While creating your email content, you have to mention special discounts and offers available in your company.

Newsletters provide a big opportunity to target leads and increase their interest. You may use visually appealing templates for designing your newsletters. Display your product features in the most organized way. Let your email readers click on your product links and visit your site. 

Conduct surveys on users

A user survey is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement. The survey enables you to collect emails and find your customers’ interests. Moreover, you will also learn about your potential customers’ opinions. Similarly, survey participants will know about your marketing strategies. You can make some adjustments to your campaign and service standard.

For instance, users may ask you to make your website design more intuitive. You will learn about your competitors’ names mentioned by your potential customers. There are several survey tools, and you can make the best use of them.

Use videos for user engagement throughout the sales funnel 

Video is the best solution for both cold and hot leads. You will get several opportunities by creating a video. Users who have reached to the top of the sales funnel use presentations and educational videos to inform them about your products. For other users, you can use tutorial-like content that provides significant value.

It is top-of-funnel content intended to introduce a new product to users. You can show how the product can be used in different situations. The videos are also best for those who have already learned about your product and have thought of buying it.

You may use different types of videos to stimulate engagement. From product promos and CEO’s messages to user testimonials, everything can be displayed through video.

Your website offers should be fresh

Refresh your daily offers and increase the rate of engagement. You can also turn your website visitors into customers. Add new products to your collections and display attractive offers on the right parts of your site.

It will also persuade your leads to visit your site every day. When they have found the right product on your site, they can make a purchase. Old products can also be promoted in a new way. Pay more attention to the homepage of your site. By keeping your site fresh, you can prove that you are active.

Show unparalleled customer service

Without customer service, you cannot achieve the goal of reaching the desired engagement level. The way how your brand interacts with your users is highly important. To convert your leads into customers, your representatives have to be active to trigger their interest in your products. It may happen on websites, email, social media, and other channels. Your team has to be active on every channel.

There are several social media tools to keep your refreshing leads engaged. You need to provide timely responses to your leads. Some brands also deploy chatbots to minimize response times and respond to your customers’ queries instantly.

Another important step is to add an FAQ section to your website. Supplement this section with tutorials to let users get any information they need.

Make personalized recommendations

Your website should make personalized recommendations to gather the interests of your visitors. There are different ways to do it efficiently. For instance, you may display products to your visitors based on their past purchases. 

You can find a clear concept from Amazon. For instance, there are special sections like Recently Viewed and Interesting Finds.

Take advantage of CRM

CRM campaign focuses on a single channel- email. However, you can go beyond this limit for your CRM retargeting. Use display ads for marketing your products to your customers.

The biggest advantage of this retargeting campaign is that your brand can stay on top of customers’ minds. When they browse the internet, they will like to hit your website.

To start the campaign, you have to create segments from your customers and leads. Identify their position in the funnel. You can then use retargeting software (like Capture) to connect with those segments with your Facebook and web ads.


These lead engagement tactics work when your leads have a strong reason for coming back. You can then convert them into customers. Moreover, there is no need to feel hesitant to make things personal. You can use the names of your potential customers and display your own face. Your customer service providers may also engage in informal conversations. These are some ways to make your lead engagement campaign successful.

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