Lead generation form abandonments – Learn how to minimize them

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How To Minimize Lead Generation Form Abandonments

Have you embedded a lead generation form into your website? You have assumed that you can easily capture leads’ contact details and nurture them in the future. But, what will you do when your leads have abandoned the form without filling it up? Some leads also leave the form after filling it up partially. So, you have to take the initiative to reduce the number of form abandonment. Security concerns, advertisements, form lengths, and irrelevant questions are some common reasons for form abandonment. We have provided you with a guide on how to minimize lead generation form abandonments

Tips to minimize lead generation form abandonments

Simplify your lead generation form

Your first step is to make the form uncomplicated. So, you can delete distractions and unnecessary fields. But, never ask your visitors for password confirmation. In some cases, your website visitors have a risk of typing their passwords incorrectly. That is why you have to look for a better solution. 

To know the location of your visitors, you can capture their IP addresses. Use your logic while asking a range of questions. Your website may receive traffic of different categories. Some questions will not be relevant to your few visitors. Conditional logic helps in removing some questions. You need to shorten the form length to avoid losing leads.

Never overlook the step for A/B tests

As there is data on potential friction points, you need to conduct A/B tests. It is the best way to know how your modifications have resulted in a significant difference in the conversion rate. Heat mapping software or A/B testing tools are essential to implement it. You may also hire professionals to boost your lead generation conversion rate.

Focus on cross-browser and cross-device

The majority of your web traffic comes from tablets and mobiles. So, do not overlook this aspect while designing your web form. Make sure that your lead generation form has a responsive design. Moreover, you can conduct a mobile-friendliness test for your forms. 

As your leads are mobile users, you have to make your forms shorter. UI elements like dropdown menus and checkboxes are acceptable.

Use forms considerately

Are there any images and words that make your leads leave them unconsciously and consciously? In some cases, the web forms ensure no-spam guarantees in different ways. But, the term ‘spam’ denotes negative implications. It will also affect the form conversion rate.

Save data related to your abandoned form


Although your leads have abandoned the form, some of them come back to your site to make a deal. It happens especially when your leads have partially filled out the form. You will find some information from the unfinished form.


You may add this capability to your website with some special apps and plugins. The user’s device also stores the data not delivered to your server. So, you have to be compliant with privacy laws.

Ensure the best form design

The biggest factor in developing high-converting forms is design. Again, design is related to first impressions and trust. It affects the way how easily your leads can fill out the web form. 

Implement validation rules

These rules inform your users when they have entered incorrect information and missed a field. But, some professionals have said that it is frustrating to use these rules. Still, the best fact is that users appreciate these rules. You can rely on inline validation to give a real-time response to the user. Before the user has clicked the submit button, they will learn about their mistakes.

Minimize the number of clicks

How many clicks are needed to fill out the form and submit it? You have to reduce the number and increase the chance of a faster conversion. Your lead generation form elements should not be complicated, and it will lower the number of clicks. Thus, you can reduce the cognitive stress on your leads and let them fill out the form. 

Moreover, you have to take steps to protect the sign-up details of your website users. Display an SSL certificate and implement privacy policies. So, visitors will learn that you are serious about their data privacy. It is the best way to minimize lead generation form abandonments.

Create a quiz-like design

Do you like to fill out a web form? Ask this question to your website visitors. Most of them will say NO. Filling out a form is an undesirable activity for website visitors. 

Normally, a form has a dropdown menu and text fields. That is why you can try out a unique lead capture form with a quiz-like design. For instance, sliders, toggles, and other similar elements can make your form highly engaging. 

Although it may seem to be counterintuitive, you will obtain a good amount of data. Thus, your lead generation campaign will be effective.


Let the visitors know the outcome

Why should your visitors fill out the form? Let them know the benefits of submitting the form. For instance, the purpose of form fill-up may be to join a community, order a product, or have a free consultation. It will reduce the chance of dropping out of the form. Thus, you have to let your leads know how your products and services will benefit them.


Start sending retargeting emails- Get back your lost leads

It is the way to minimize lead generation form abandonments. Retargeting advertising campaigns and email targeting are highly effective choices when you need to convert your lost leads into customers. Visitors who have abandoned your form can be retargeted in a range of ways. 

Personalization is the best technique to make your retargeting ads more effective for conversion. For instance, you may have retargeted someone who has abandoned your website form. In this case, you need to retarget him with images of the products he has chosen. It is also good to show additional incentives and find a successful conversion. 

However, to make your retargeting campaign automated, you can use the reliable software, Capture®. You can track your leads with integrated tools and send automated emails.



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