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Remarketing Ads: Learn About Remarketing Ads Of Different Types

Have you noticed that online adverts are following you everywhere you visit? Suppose you have started searching for a project management tool. You have visited different websites to look for the tool, but no site has fulfilled your requirement. However, some sites have persuaded you to purchase the product. You have also clicked on an advertisement that is related to your needs. The ad directed you to a landing page with relevant information. Still, you did not get converted into customers. That is known as remarketing. Remarketing ads are of different types, and we will discuss them further.

Different types of remarketing ads

1. Cross-channel remarketing ads

You can display your ads across different platforms with your cross-channel remarketing campaign. Thus, you need to create platform-oriented content for your advertisements.

Remarketing ads published on social media platforms trigger different interactions. Your ad campaign will be more effective with this approach. As you display your advertisements across several platforms, you can retarget your audience. You can develop brand awareness and find better opportunities to increase conversion.

You can make use of Search Ads 360 for your remarketing campaign. It works with social engines and search engines to create a list of potential customers who have clicked your social ads and search ads.

The lists should comprise a good number of users that fulfill engine requirements. The engines would let you re-engage your customers on different channels.

There is an option for creating the remarketing list in the tool. You can easily identify social and search ads that effectively build an audience.

For instance, you have crafted search ads focusing on the car’s safety features. So, the safety-conscious persons should be on your retargeting or remarketing list.

2. Dynamic remarketing ads

The dynamic remarketing feature is available in Google Ads, and you can choose it as the best conversion-boosting solution for your eCommerce business. You can use the product details and their images while crafting ads.

The innovative feature lets you retarget your previous app and website visitors, shopping cart abandoners, and product viewers. Your ads will be visible to them while they are surfing the internet.

You have a chance of receiving more clicks on your website. Thus, there will be a higher CTR. By displaying advertisements of popular ads, you will be able to convert potential shoppers into loyal buyers.

To run your dynamic remarketing campaign, you need to make your advertisements personalized. Visitors will come across your product ads that they have noticed earlier. So, they have a chance of taking instant action. You can bring back visitors who have already navigated and left your web store without buying any product.

Your dynamic remarketing ads also benefit you by increasing brand recall and awareness. That is why potential customers will recognize your brand and start trusting you.

3. Remarketing Utilization Search Ads

Remarketing lists provided by AdWords enable you to customize your search advertising campaigns to those who have browsed your site previously. While internet users look for products and services using Google, it will be easy to target your ads and bids.

Choose the remarketing networks to place your ads and target the right audience. In the case of RLSAs, there are 2 major techniques-

You must set individual bids for every keyword applicable to visitors on the remarketing lists. You can slightly raise the price for customers who visited your site in the past month or put some items into the shopping cart.

It is advisable to target those who have already purchased some products from your site. Place your remarketing advertising bids on keywords that are not usually chosen by your competitors. For instance,

4. Email remarketing

It comprises varying marketing tactics-

  • Showing display ads from the retargeting campaign across different sites to those who have opened your email
  • Delivering follow-up emails to targeted customers who left your site without making a transactions

Your emails will stimulate them to visit your site again and make a deal. However, you must not overlook the importance of segmentation of your customers’ remarketing strategy. It will enable you to deliver tailored and targeted emails and ads to your visitors.

5. Video remarketing ads

Using YouTube video ads, you can make your remarketing campaign successful. Google always searches for interactive and visual experiences. That is why video ads will be the right solution to get back your visitors. YouTube video remarketing lets you attract your potential buyers’ attention. In the case of text ads, you need to stay limited to 70 characters. Similarly, for your image ads, there is a risk of dull photos. But, you will have no such risk with your video ads.

There is also a chance to connect with customers directly by illustrating your services and products in a short 30-second clip. The combination of video ads will make your remarketing campaign more effective. You can also reach qualified leads with your video ads.

Based on your choice, you can display the ads in between the video watched by your potential customers. There is also an option for showing the ad at the beginning of the video. However, in both these cases, your audience can skip the ads. Another option for you is to place your remarketing advertisements in the right margin of the screen, where users see video suggestions.


To reach your lost leads and website visitors and re-engage them, you can use the built-in tools of Google Ads. These are the most effective tools for displaying your ads of different types. You can retarget your audience with video advertisements, image ads, dynamic remarketing ads, and product shopping ads. In the case of a standard remarketing campaign, your brand’s advertisements will be visible to your past website visitors. Similarly, dynamic remarketing is intended to display advertisements for particular services and products. However, to make these ad campaigns automated, you can Capture®– a patented software application for remarketing purposes. You can integrate third-party tools into this software and find the best outcomes.

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