Marketing automation software- Check the list of the best features

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Marketing automation software- Check the list of the best features

The marketing world has evolved over the years. As consumers use multiple platforms to gather information, everything has become more complicated. Fortunately, there is also an evolution of technology to ease these complications. Automated technology is one such solution for marketers. Marketing automation has streamlined the way to promote brands and businesses. From message delivery to administrative tasks, everything has become automated. Thus, you can find a timesaving solution due to automation.

Marketing automation software: Must-have features

But how will you decide on the right platform for marketing automation? You must check for some must-have features in the chosen platform. 

Tracking visitors

The visitor tracking feature is very common in the automated marketing platform. You can identify those who have viewed your website. You will learn how long your visitors have spent on each webpage. Moreover, it shows the content that has driven a high engagement rate. So, this data will be beneficial to make your marketing campaign more effective in the future.

Lead conversion

An automated marketing platform has eliminated the need to go through the complicated sales process. The lead conversion process will be under your control. Your potential customers must learn about your services and products to make the right decision. Automated marketing technology provides education to them. Your leads easily get interested in your products and services. 

Advanced tools also enable you to capture your website visitors. A single dashboard will present you with actionable insights. Your marketers can convert your leads into genuine customers. 

Data accessibility

The best software automates routine processes and enables you to interpret a high volume of data. You can check the open rates, visits, clicks, customer interests, and interactions. This data visibility will be highly advantageous to your marketers. They can understand your potential customers who need nurturing to reach the sales funnel.

Automated marketing lets you view your regular customers throughout the purchasing cycle. Your company can create a data-driven strategy for a marketing program. Your team can take advantage of analytics needed for marketing. 

In fact, data visibility will increase your revenues within a short time.

So, choose the right software that is integrated with automated features. Make sure that the automated platform will serve your business needs. 

Email marketing

Emailing is a way to communicate with your potential leads. Using the automation tool of your software, you can create and test email content. Email templates, which are relevant to your services and products, will make your marketing campaign easier.

Email can also be previewed easily before sending them to your customers. The best CRM for automated marketing has email marketing functionality. Content interactions are customizable using automated technology. For instance, a regular customer will have a different feeling when he finds your company has sent a birthday wish on that day. You can retain them more often by maintaining relationships via email. 

Lead management 

Automated marketing platforms have a unique feature for lead management. Lead scoring is a way to identify the most valuable leads. The score is assigned based on the leads’ activities. After attaining maturity, the lead reaches the sales representative and takes action. However, it is challenging to drive the lead through the marketing funnel. But, the best platform for automated marketing is capable of managing efficiently.

Campaign management

Every campaign involves a workflow related to lead nurturing and the sales cycle. There are both triggered and timed events for the campaign. To run the campaign, you must deal with triggered and timed events.

List segmentation

The segmentation process is essential to make the best use of your database. Based on the set criteria, you can make a segmentation. You should create content according to the needs and interests of a particular segment. It would be easy to appeal to the target audience. 

So, you can create a wise list and engage your target audience. It will make your remarketing campaign successful, and you will find a higher conversion rate.

Social marketing

Some automated marketing platforms allow you to automate your social media platform. You can easily integrate social media with the automated platform. Track your customers, present on social networking platforms, and analyze their activities. You can also post messages on social media platforms to reach a wide audience.

Real-time alerts

The automated software will send you real-time alerts, and your internal teams will benefit from it. In some cases, your marketing workflow needs action; thus, this automatic alert will be helpful to you and your team.

Contact management

Contact management is another valuable feature of reliable marketing automation software. It lets you store the contact details of your leads. So you can easily use the data for your marketing purposes. Moreover, it can track different touch points made by your business with your target contacts. 

Most sales representatives leverage benefits from the contact management feature. They can easily start sales conversations and engage your potential customers.  

CRM integrations

The best feature-rich platform for automated marketing lets you integrate CRM efficiently. Successful CRM integration enables you to transfer your leads’ data between sales and marketing departments. It will make your campaign more effective. For instance, Capture helps with the integration of Hubspot CRM.

Artificial Intelligence

Some automated platforms for marketers are designed with AI technology. You can customize our advertising process using innovative technology. Use the feature to personalize the email and maintain relationships with customers.

Final thoughts

You may not find all these features and functionalities in a single platform for marketing automation. You can choose the right platform for your business based on your needs and criteria. The best fact is that the automated platform enables you to integrate third-party tools

This is how you can take advantage of the automated marketing platform. Capture, a remarketing platform, also provides you with various integration options.


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