Marketing automation tips that save your time and effort

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 5 Marketing Automation Tips

Small businesses and startups have claimed that implementing automated marketing strategies is costly and time-consuming. However, top-performing businesses have argued that this automation gives value in the long run. Moreover, it is beneficial to businesses, trying to send relevant messages to potential customers at the right time. How does the automated marketing campaign help you? It ensures effective lead management, reduced workload, increased customer retention, and higher conversion rates. Check out the marketing automation tips for your promotional campaign here. 

Best marketing automation tips

Creating a good marketing strategy is highly important. However, without automation, you cannot manage different marketing channels. Automated technologies will make your task easier. These 5 marketing automation tips will be highly useful for you.

1. Automate your email marketing campaign

Several B2C marketers have already leveraged benefits from the automated email campaign. Most of them have found a rise in conversion rates by almost 50%. 

However, the most important step is to build an email list. You can use reliable software to automate the delivery of transactional messages to your leads and loyal customers. It plays a key role in increasing your revenues. 

Moreover, email marketing programs will not be effective without an automated CRM. The most reliable tools help you in categorizing your contacts and creating custom templates. Besides, you can target both inactive and active customers and leads.

Advanced CRM also employs automatic robocalling techniques. It can send messages automatically when your potential customer has taken action. For instance, it may deliver a message – ‘Thanks for subscribing.’

Automated email marketing benefits you in different ways-

  • Track responses to gather information.
  • Enable you to show your discount offer strategically.
  • Create drip campaigns.

2. Automate your lead qualification process

Automated technologies enable your leads to move through your funnel very fast. They will attract more leads and increase the rate of conversions. However, automation helps in qualifying leads as well. Manual qualification involves different steps, and it takes almost 15 to 60 minutes to qualify a single lead. There are some ways to automate the lead qualification process-

  • Add some more fields to your forms. And track them with technology like Capture®. 
  • Adjust qualification metrics and rules to focus on different factors.
  • Wait until leads have submitted information through profiling.
  • Set up triggers according to the touchpoint behavior.
  • Run the lead nurturing campaign.

The automatic qualification procedure enables you to allocate scores to activities like the signup of a lead for a demo. The lead’s activity also denotes its interest in a particular service and product. The score will be based on the interaction of leads with your brand. It helps with the faster capturing of leads. Automated technologies also push your leads to the sales funnel faster.

Thus, you can invest in reliable marketing automation software that assigns a score to a lead. This score indicates the steps taken by your potential customers. Based on the score, the software identifies the qualified leads.

3. Automation for a social media marketing campaign

SMM professionals can take advantage of automated technologies in different ways. They rely on the software, which has lead monitoring capabilities and social listening technologies.

When someone has mentioned your brand on the social platform, you will receive a notification. Your marketing professionals can hit the social media page and send an instant response to queries. Thus, automated technologies enable you to connect with your target audience and start a conversation. Other social media followers will see the level of concern and care you have shown towards your potential customers.

There are several other ways social media marketers can use automated mechanisms. For instance, automated Facebook ads rely on AI technologies and offer customizations to streamline the ad creation process. Although automated technologies do not do everything for your campaign, they let you achieve success with some major functionalities-

  • Create multiple ad versions for A/B testing.
  • Provide you with customized ad recommendations.
  • Present you with some ways to refine ads.
  • Select your target audience and set a budget.
  • Set metrics for tracking the marketing campaign.

4. Combine marketing automation with retargeting techniques

Have you noticed ads following you everywhere on the web? Although you visit websites of different niches, those ads appear on the pages automatically. It is the way retargeting works.

The cookies embedded on a website constantly notice how and where visitors go and take action. Moreover, the retargeting advertising team also takes advantage of the cookies to make the ads visible several times.

Due to marketing automation, you can use tools that automate your regular repetitive tasks. Automated retargeting ensures several benefits.

  • Increases your ROI- You will easily find who views your advertisements. You may also make your ad visible to particular website visitors only.
  • Reduces advertisement costs- The CPC for retargeting will be lower when compared to online advertising. You can make precise targeting and save costs.
  • Ensures better branding- Some potential customers do not like to make a deal now. However, as they can see your brand name several times, you will remember it during a future purchase.
  • Find better results from your campaign- With a retargeting campaign, you can present yourself in front of your target audience. You will get more data for decision-making.
  • Customize your message- Consumers always like to respond to relevant messages. Retargeting gives them an opportunity to personalize ads for them.

5. Automate your supervision

CRM software helps in developing different sales funnels for your services and products. You need to manage every funnel separately to view the sales process, starting from lead nurturing to customer retention.

A high-quality CRM platform prevents leakage of your sales funnels with automated supervision. When your sales representative has approached a dormant lead, supervisors will receive a notification.

However, though automation cannot remove human errors, it can detect them easily. By obtaining the information at the right time, your supervisors can easily take steps.

Moreover, when your potential customer makes a purpose and pays you the bill, the CRM adjusts its status. An inactive prospect gets upgraded to a hot lead. Your sales reps will receive information about it instantly.


So, you can automate your marketing effort to develop a better relationship with customers. These 5 marketing automation tips will also reduce the workload of your digital marketing and sales professionals.

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