Optimizing the new client journey: Some easy steps for you!

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Optimizing The New Client Journey: Some Easy Steps For You!

Several companies struggle hard to ensure an optimized experience for customers across different digital channels, including social media and websites. They know that it is the best approach to increase ROI. But, the customer journey is never linear. While navigating through multiple channels, they make different interactions. Ultimately, it can result in the shift of intents and desires of customers. Still, what is most important for marketers is the overall customer experience. Customers will have no good checkout experience until they have found relevant and organized content on your site. So, optimizing the new client journey should be a target of digital marketers.

Optimizing the new client journey- A few easy tips

New client journey optimization involves a number of touchpoints. You need to keep your customers engaged at every touchpoint with some tactics.

1. Start filtering new personas.

Persona is the most significant factor in increasing the customer engagement rate. The sales and marketing professionals can persuade potential customers by refining personas. It is essential to get some basic details related to the personas. For instance, you have to know your personas’ gender, location, marital status, earnings, and age. Try to gather some more relevant information-

  • Products they have purchased.
  • The preferred communication mode
  • How the personas have learned about your products
  • What problems do they have? What solutions do they need?

2. Identify the potential touchpoints

A potential customer connects with your business at a particular touchpoint. In most cases, businesses focus on the customers’ purchasing decisions. However, they overlook data that may affect the customer experience. However, pre-purchase and post-purchase experiences are also important as satisfied customers will become a part of your loyal customer base.

Although every business is different, the most prominent touchpoints are found before, after, and during the purchase. Some of them are advertisements, testimonials, social media conversations, your website, the latest promotions, and your sales team’s interactions. Post-sale touchpoints are invoices, marketing emails, and the help desk.

You must collect data while focusing on these touchpoints.

3. Create more than one customer journey

While onboarding new customers, you must know that each of them is different. Thus, you need to treat these customers uniquely. It is true that customer reviews indicate the satisfaction rate. But, the overall journey of customers from sale to post-sale is more significant.

So, you have to map out the different journeys of customers. Nowadays, customers are going through highly complicated journeys. It is not easy to anticipate the path for optimizing the new client journey.

To achieve your goal, you need to understand what works best and what does not. For instance, when you see higher abandonment rates, you should identify the reason. 

4. Focus on data overlaying

today, several companies rely on big data to make better decisions and ensure a better customer experience. Thus, data gathered from different touchpoints is highly valuable, and it has a close association with your customer journey. You can overlay data and have a comprehensive detail of how your customers interact with your business.

Most commonly, companies rely on analytical data collected from website communications, social networking platforms, and some paid media. This type of data tells you about your customers’ age, purchasing patterns, and some other information. On the contrary, anecdotal data is related to real customer stories. By analyzing social media platforms, you will be able to obtain anecdotal information.

5. Find gaps and frictions

During a journey, gaps refer to a point where customers think of making their deals with a different business. The presence of friction prevents a path from becoming steady. Your customers may find these gaps while switching from one device to another. Similarly, when one department sends a customer to a different department without providing information, it can result in gaps.

These transitions do not indicate something negative. However, the inability to deal with these transitions can result in gaps. Thus, there is a risk of missing potential customers. Identify the gap and remove it from your new client.

6. Align the marketing department with the sales team

While automating sales and marketing, your teams have to work together. It will be effective in driving more sales and increasing your revenues. The latest technologies promote better customer interactions. Your marketers and sales professionals should have a mutual understanding.

Misalignment will affect your business revenues. Moreover, the absence of alignment will also result in low conversion rates. The sales team will enable your marketers to understand new customers better. However, sellers should have a view of what their customers need.

7. Set your KPIs

How much have you been successful in optimizing the new client journey? You need to detect KPIs to measure them. The most important KPI is your revenue. In the case of eCommerce businesses, some relevant metrics are bounce rates, scroll rates, CTR, and conversation rates. Your marketing departments have to know about these KPIs to focus on the client journey more effectively. The sales department will also have an insight into it and learn about different points in the customer journey.

Furthermore, post-sales KPIs inform how your clients contact your representatives and leave comments on your products and services. 

8. Adjust your client journey map

Your customer journey map needs to be adjusted at times due to the emergency of new technologies. Thus, you can engage your team to review the map regularly. Interpret the data to have a better insight into your business. Is there any significant transformation? Have you found any new gaps in your business? Make sure that you have informed your employees about these details.


To conclude, your customers are not aware of each of the touchpoints. They always focus on the overall experience. As there are multiple digital channels, they make multiple interactions. You need to apply the most effective strategy to ensure omnichannel engagement. Besides, you can look for professionals who know the best tips for optimizing the new client journey. You will find an increase in revenues.

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