Personalization for remarketing campaigns- A comprehensive guide

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Personalization for remarketing campaigns- A comprehensive guide

Does your website receive a lot of traffic every day? But, you do not find a hike in your sales rate. It happens because some website visitors are not converted into customers. These website users may have browsed through your platform without making any interactions. So, you need to recapture those users and attract them to your site for conversion. It is a remarketing technique applied by businesses of almost any niche. However, how will you apply personalization to remarketing campaign?

Remarketing lets you draw the attention of those users who have left your website without making a deal. You can publish ads to persuade them to click on them. But, generic ads and emails will not give you the desired result. That is why personalization is the best trick for making remarketing ads more effective. There are different tools and technologies designed to create customer-focused ads. It will help in the growth of the customer base.

Remarketing versus real-time personalization

Remarketing is a way to display ads on other sites according to the visitors’ behaviors. On the contrary, real-time personalization lets you customize your website content according to visitor data. 

Importance of personalization for remarketing

Regular audiences differ from your remarketing audiences. Remarketing audiences have already learned about your products and services. They have shown interest in them. So, you have to treat this audience from a new perspective. You need to put different efforts into generating conversions. Make sure that you have displayed products which have been previously viewed by your audience.  

These advertisements must be visible to remarketing audiences using your website and other platforms. An effective strategy will encourage your audiences to return to your website.    

Remarketing campaign of 2 types

Pixel-based – This process involves cookie installation on the user’s web browser. Thus, your focused advertisements will be visible on other websites your potential customers have visited. Although you have not collected contact details from users, you can choose this approach.

List-based- It is another method where you should use users’ contact information like phone numbers and email addresses. Using these details, you can take advantage of social media sites, email services, and search engines. Thus, your remarketing campaign can be run on multiple channels. 

Successful remarketing professionals have claimed that the right strategy will increase the ROI of your company. You will also find high brand awareness and user engagement. But, like other marketing programs, remarketing has merits and demerits.

Although you can reach your business to a broader audience, there is a risk of irrelevant ads.

A customizable list-based remarketing campaign is advantageous because you can use user information. By having more information about every user, you will find it easier to personalize your advertisements. But, one limitation is that targeted advertisements are effective in irritating users when not implemented properly. You can choose only the most popular remarketing sites to avoid this problem. You will be able to adjust and personalize your advertisements. 

Choose the right platform for personalizing your remarketing campaign 

For list-based remarketing activities, you can choose almost any platform. These platforms enable you to develop a list of target users and add relevant details about them. You can manually adjust the remarketing approach based on your campaign needs. But the most popular options are Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, and Instagram. Several successful companies have already taken the initiative to make their remarketing campaign successful. 

Target your audience for personalized remarketing on social media

Social media platforms are commonly chosen for remarketing purposes. Facebook and other networking sites enable you to connect with several users. They facilitate your remarketing process, and thus, you can accomplish the process quickly.

Facebook pixel installation on your website makes the process successful. You can gather data regarding user interactions. This information lets you create a custom audience. Moreover, you will learn about your target audience’s age, gender, location, and interests. As Facebook has acquired Instagram, you can use Facebook advertisements to run a remarketing campaign for both platforms.

Similarly, Twitter offers another special service- Tailored Audiences. While installing Twitter pixel on your site, you must use cookie IDs for every user. Match these details to the users’ Twitter profiles. It will guide you on remarketing your services and products on the platform. 

Personalized remarketing with Google AdWords

Google is always a potential platform for marketing activities. You can apply innovative remarketing strategies using Google AdWords. Some common options are-

  • Dynamic remarketing- It promotes advertisements for different items viewed by your website visitors on your platform.
  • Standard remarketing- It displays regular advertisements for those who have recently navigated through your site. 
  • Remarketing with customer match involves using contact details to display advertisements through emails and different Google products.
  • Search ads for remarketing- Google makes users visible to users when they search for similar services and products.
  • Video remarketing displays advertisements to those who have watched videos.

Retargeting gives you a chance for creativity. To find what you have missed, you can ask some questions.

  • On which platform do you like to display your banner ads.? 
  • What is the frequency of revising the list?
  • Should your banners be visible on porn websites?
  • Is it a unique concept?

Interestingly, the cost of placing ads on porn websites is much lower. It is more cost-effective than Twitter, Facebook, and Google ads.


We have provided a brief guide on how to use personalization for remarketing campaigns. When you apply your remarketing efforts properly, you will have a chance of conversion by almost 70%. It is to be noted that improper retargeting will irritate users. Your customers will lose trust in your business. So, run your personalized remarketing campaign efficiently. You may use automated remarketing software, Capture. This automated solution will make your activities easier.


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