Playable advertisements- Everything that you need to know

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Playable advertisements- Everything that you need to know

Modern consumers like to use their mobile almost every day to search for relevant information. However, they are highly concerned about their privacy. Intrusive advertisements make them feel disturbed. That is why they turn on ad blockers on their device. However, brand marketers always have a goal of reaching consumers. The ad-blocking technology has forced them to rethink their advertising strategy. It is important to make the ad suitable for user demographics and mobile environments. To overcome challenges, marketers have started investing in playable ads, which combine gamification and interactivity. Let us learn more about playable advertisements

Selecting a proper ad formation involves comprehensive research on the available options. Interestingly, consumers are generally pleased to see advertisements related to their preferences and interests. The right advertising format will drive more conversions. Your ads will also benefit your app users and offer a unique value. Playable ads give you an opportunity to engage lots of users.

What are playable advertisements?

These ads are highly interactive and enable your target users

Playable ads are interactive ads that allow users to try out a mobile game of your brand. Based on their experience, they can download your app. To say clearly, playable advertisements are mini-games that continue for 15 to 60 seconds. Mobile gamers have found the ad format highly appealing because of the elements of fun.

Naturally, playable items can easily gather interest. That is why every ad unit should have interactivity. Users would be able to apply different gestures like tapping, swapping, flipping, and touching. Gamification will make your marketing campaign. You can take advantage 

of action, attention, and education for brand communication. 

Playable ad designs use HTML5 to make creative designs. They ensure a higher engagement rate and faster loading of ads. It convinces users to download apps and make a deal. Marketers will find a high click-through rate.

What are the playables in your ads?

Playables comprise 3 creative elements

  • A tutorial that consists of a demo for instructional purpose 
  • The gaming experience 
  • The end card 

You have several options for designing playable ads. But, the ultimate goal of your advertising campaign is to let users feel enjoyment and get engaged.

Based on your target, you can make a decision. Suppose the playable is a mobile game ad, and you may create a snippet of the actual gameplay. The game duration should not be more than a minute.

The intention behind playables will be different for every brand. But you can categorize them in 3 ways.

 The first one is about grabbing customer attention. A good ad should attract users’ attention within a few seconds. You can also achieve this result with your playable ads. A properly implemented strategy ensures that consumers will start interacting with the ad.

Playable ads also give you a chance to convey your marketing message. Users can easily understand the major features of the app and deliver good value.  

Now, the third one is CTA, which is to be inserted into your gameplay. A single advertising unit should contain playable ads. The game you have chosen will naturally stimulate engagement. 

The end card is another element of your playable advertisement. You can customize your end card based on your brand needs and campaign style. Users can take action, like downloading vouchers and making a deal.

Benefits of playable advertisements

There are several advantages of posting playable ads-

A higher retention rate and a low uninstall rate

As your users can try your mobile app before downloading it, playable ads will increase the engagement level. These users will anticipate the right things from your app. As a result, there will be a reduced churn rate. Fewer users will uninstall your app. You can also attract users who will use your app for a longer period. You will get the best value from the amount you have invested in your app advertising campaign. 

Give you valuable insight into data.

Playable ad designers provide advertisers with data to detect important information, including behavioral trends. Thus, your marketers can rethink the campaign based on the data. For instance, you will learn about the type of audience to be engaged with your advertisements. You will also be able to identify the CTA that drives conversions.

How do you create playable ads? Know the right method

Advertisers and publishers who need to design playable advertisements should know the format. They should set the right KPIs and implement the most effective strategies for developing ads.

Make your ads relevant to your brand

Like other ad campaigns, your playable ads should be associated with your brand. Moreover, you should maintain consistency in your advertising campaign. A clear CTA is also effective in obtaining the best result from your effort. Make sure that there are no flashy distractions.

Make the playable intuitive

Playables included in your ad must be user-friendly. Players have to be able to learn the way to play the game. They can then start interacting with your ad. Developers can check Play Store and App Store to get inspiration before developing the game.

Learn about target demographics

Professional advertisers should know about the target audience while designing playable ads. This understanding is highly important to captivate the viewer instantly. 

Keep your ad short

There must be fun in playable ads. You should develop fun and precise content to advertise mobile games and apps on Facebook and other platforms.


You have now learned the way to create playable advertisements. However, it is essential to test the performance of your ads. Track data to identify the creative format which works best. These playable ads are highly authentic, scalable, and effective. The mobile market is competitive, and you need to take the right measures to make your ads successful. While running advertising campaigns, you can also run a remarketing program with Capture. This reliable software has received patents and gained reliability. You can integrate different tools for your advertising campaigns

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