Postcard Marketing Tips- Make your campaign successful

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Postcard marketing tips- Make your campaign successful

Postcards are the best tools to run your direct mail marketing campaign and acquire new customers. But, how would you get the best value from your campaign? So, get the most effective postcard marketing tips and invest in your campaign.

Postcard marketing tips

Write a clear and attractive headline-

You can choose a headline, which outlines the details of your services and products. It should also tell you about the problem solved by your products/services. Never keep the headline abstract. Make sure that your customers will be able to understand your mail and your offers. The headline should give them a clear idea so that they do not need to read other parts of the content. An actionable headline reinforces the actions to be taken by readers.

Use a CTA that has the potential for conversion-

Do not deliver direct mail without inserting a CTA into the content. What action should your readers take after going through the content of the card? Should they visit your site or store? Do you like to convince your readers to call you? 

After deciding on these issues, you can end the content in the right direction for the readers. The headline should be punchy and short. You may use it several times on your punch card.

Learn the way to write the best CTA for your postcard marketing campaigns.

Pick relevant imagery

Images displayed on the postcard’s front side have 2 major purposes. Thus, to attract attention and interact with readers of your postcard, you should choose the most relevant imagery.

For instance, if a postcard is about real estate, you have to choose a visible property-related photo. Pick a clear and crisp image with pops of colors.

You have only a few seconds to distinguish yourself from some other mailers. While sifting through the regular mail, readers will get attracted to the content. So, take your time to pick the right images.

Display an appealing offer-

Each postcard has to include offers, which encourage readers to take steps. So, ask a few questions to yourself and create the content for your postcard. It helps you decide on the best offers to be shown on the postcard.

Your potential customers may have a busy life. So, you should try to get their attention with the display of lucrative offers.

Add the contact details-

Although it is one of the basic tips, you must not forget to insert the contact details and brand logo. Ensure that your branding message is clear, as a physical post is a highly effective medium to develop brand awareness.

Sell the major benefits- 

Your potential customers may like to invest in the benefits provided by your products and services. For instance, when a buyer purchases a drill, he is not actually buying the drilling machine. He purchases a particular RPM, as it helps in drilling a hole.

Stick to a single message-

Never try to interact with postcard readers with loads of information. Focus on a key concept and convince readers to take a clear action. However, the presence of a large volume of information overwhelms the target readers. Ultimately, these readers will not take the right action. 

Monitor the performance- 

Like other marketing campaigns, you have to measure your campaign’s success. The way you track the campaign’s performance varies with your goal and the postcards’ action. Check some ways to identify conversions. 

Track phone call numbers- Deploy a call tracking software to capture mobile numbers for your marketing campaign.

Choose a particular promotion code or voucher for the offers.

QR codes are important for postcard creation, and you can include these codes automatically to redirect visitors to your site. Advanced software applications track and analyze conversions. 

Pick short and precise URLs- 

The use of unique URLs is important for your postcard marketing. Combine them with the most compelling offers and encourage your potential customers to click your web address. The tracking technique will enable you to know where your efforts are effective. It lets you test a range of variations and find what works better for the program.

Refresh the address list-

This list has to remain up-to-date with only valid addresses. Ensure that you remove the invalid ones and update the address list. Based on your list provider, you have to do it occasionally.

Focus on hyper-targeting approaches- 

A successful postcard marketing is different from an unsuccessful one because of proper targeting. You should target those who have a higher chance of purchasing your products and services. So, put some more effort into identifying the message to be sent to the right segment of customers. Address managing software helps you in targeting your message.

Customize the postcard design-

Personalizing every postcard is one of the most effective ways to gain attention and make your campaign successful. While seeing the names on postcards, readers will feel more special and personal. 

Some software applications let you customize every postcard by adding text fields. Details that have to be replaced for every postcard are the company name, job role, and name. 

Insert a social proof-

The presence of a good social proof will add value to your postcard. Your potential customers will be able to understand the reliability of your business. Moreover, social proof lets you gain the trust of your potential customers. But, there is limited space for postcards, and thus, you have to make optimal use of it.


Our postcard marketing tips will provide you with the best guide. However, to make your campaign easier and faster, you can take advantage of the Capture software. This patented software presents you with postcard marketing tools and ensures an automated solution. So, you can choose this advanced software to run the campaign. Your goal should be to drive a higher engagement of the audience. Whether this engagement is about website visits or form fill-outs, your audience needs to take some type of action.


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