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How to develop premium content to convert leads

Content always plays a vital role in generating leads with your inbound digital marketing strategy. But have you thought of using premium content to convert leads? Premium content is different from other digital marketing tools. It is not something to be published on your site. Let us provide you with a comprehensive guide to use this content efficiently and convert more leads.

A brief concept of premium content

Premium content can be in different formats, ranging from downloading PDFs to whitepapers. However, it is only the basics of premium content. It covers almost everything to be used for inbound marketing to create leads. The content should be attractive to readers, and it has to convince them to submit valuable details like company name, job title, name, and email address.

As a powerful tool, premium content lets you grow your business fast. By implementing the best strategy for this content, you can establish authority and credibility in a particular field. However, it may be challenging to develop that content to draw leads and show thought leadership. The most important step is to find the source of writing premium content. 

Several inbound marketers have chosen premium content to generate more leads. One of the common goals is to draw visitors to your site by presenting useful and relevant content (such as eBooks and webinars). On the contrary, your website visitors will provide you with their personal details, like email addresses. You can start nurturing them through different phases in your conversion funnel.

One of the advantages of premium digital content is that you can educate your leads about your business. It presents them with a clear reason for trusting you. Let them feel that the product addresses their issues and needs. 

How will you create premium content to convert leads?

You must not have an unrealistic goal behind creating premium content. Your leads would never tell you about their job positions. This content can be of different types

  • Press Releases
  • Case studies
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Contact Us page
  • Free demos and trials
  • Tutorials
  • Newsletters 
  • Training materials

Tips for making your premium content effective for attractive leads

You have already learned the value of premium content to attract leads. However, to reach your goal easily, you should know some tactics.

Ensure relevancy to your content

When you start creating premium content, it is essential to ensure that the content matches your readers’ interests. The content should also be presented at the right time. The best way to do it is by developing a target persona.

This persona is related to your customers. In most cases, it is semi-fictional and lets you understand your customers’ and leads’ needs and issues. Moreover, it is the basis to be used for content production. Your content should fulfill their leads and solve readers’ queries.

A particular business may have multiple target personas. However, while developing premium content, it is important to identify the persona for which you are writing it. The content will be more relevant to the target reads, and you can generate more leads.

Take advantage of social media

It seems that social media is not much important for premium content promotion. Still, you cannot overlook it. You do not need to make a post that promotes the content on different social networking platforms. Nevertheless, you can use social media not only for promoting content but also for engaging the target audience.

Make sure that you have posted the content with a purpose. You should not spam your content links to every page and group. But, you can look for potential customers at the right place and use content to respond to their queries. It is the best way to establish thought leadership.

Analyze and optimize landing pages

It is another significant step for converting leads through premium content. You should review conversion rates regularly and make a few tweaks to your landing page.

You should also test multiple versions of the landing page to increase the chance of conversions. Use A/B testing methods for this purpose.

Some marketers use versatile marketing software, while others focus on separate pages with a similar look. But, you should look for what is effective in causing conversions on the page.

Although you can apply any type of A/B testing method, you should note that a 1% hike in conversion rate would make a significant difference. You will be able to capture several leads.

Have a glance at the most valuable details

  • A clear and concise copy that illustrates what you offer- There is no need to create too much content for an ad copy.
  • Graphics may be a part of your content. Adjust the size of the graphics included in your content.
  • Lead generation form is another noticeable thing. You should be careful while adding questions to the form. Try out different types of questions to identify the ones that give you the best results.

Use multiple platforms to promote content

Some marketers stick to social media to promote their content. However, the most effective strategy is to promote the monetized content across different platforms. Apply unique marketing techniques for every piece of content, and you can then pair it with other campaigns. 

There are several ways to promote content. For instance, you can send promotional emails to customers and leads. It will give you a chance to convert these leads. Add monthly newsletters to your marketing to-do list. Moreover, CTAs on your blog and website also enables you to increase the lead conversion rate. It is also good to include email signatures in your newsletters. 

Creating premium content to convert leads is a good strategy. However, you can also draw leads with a remarketing campaign. It lets you attract leads you have lost. You can use Capture, an automated marketing application, to save time and effort.

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