QA for digital ads- Know the checklist

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QA For Digital Ads- Know The Checklist

You might have heard about the term ‘Quality Assurance’ while talking about any product manufacturing project. Manufacturers employ their QA team to ensure flawless products. However, QA is also essential in the world of advertisements. So, what is QA for digital ads? We will discuss it briefly to make your advertising and marketing campaign more effective and successful.

Digital advertising platforms can target highly qualified users in different ways. You can set up these ad platforms using your laptop and computer. Though marketers can tap into the benefits of these platforms, they have some responsibilities. Minor mistakes can result in negative effects. Professional marketers need to be highly careful about the bid levels, budget caps, creative versions, landing pages, and other details of their digital ads. So, Quality Assurance has become a part of digital advertising campaigns.

But, several businesses still have not thought of implementing a QA strategy.

What is QA for digital ads?

Quality Assurance ensures that your digital advertising campaign is working properly based on the chosen metrics. Moreover, you need to confirm that the concept behind your promotional works aligns with your strategic needs. Every part of your campaign needs to correspond to the brand without technical issues.

However, these works are tedious and time-consuming, although you can save time using automation tools. It is important to verify the content elements, functionality, and design of the campaign.

With a successful QA process, you can avoid errors in your advertising campaign. You can also keep your ad speed minimal and rectify errors. It lets you achieve your revenue goals easily.

QA for digital ads- Learn more about the process

You need a well-defined process for your digital advertising QA. Failure in your effort to find errors will result in a bad customer experience, attribution issues, brand misalignments, and several other problems. 

You can use a quality workbook to accomplish the Quality Assurance process. Include your QA checklists and documentation in this workbook. It also helps in standardizing the overall process. While creating the workbook, you need to focus on different aspects of digital ad campaigns. It should be about testing the file size, content, landing page, initial load, JavaScript errors, mobile friendliness, SLL compliance, network requests, CPU usage, memory usage, and ad dimensions.

Using your workbook, any marketer of your team would be able to run the Quality Assurance process. There is no chance of missing an important step.

Ad QA checklist- What are the most important components

Advertising content

You should always pass the content through your ad QA, and then you can hand it over to get trafficked. You can engage a content proofreader to check your advertising copy. The major purpose is to identify missing periods, misspelled words, and other issues. Proofreaders also detect terms that do not represent your brand properly.


Links play an important role in your digital advertising campaigns. Broken links affect your digital ad and SEO campaigns. So, it is important to check the condition of every link during the QA process. Ensure that the link effectively directs the ad viewers to the landing page.

Design and visual elements

An advertising campaign with a perfect design and images attracts several views. You will also be able to increase your ROI from running the campaign.

Moreover, images added to the ads need to load fast. Higher quality images ensure a positive user experience. Overall, the ad design and images have to communicate your message clearly.


You need to fulfill your intended purpose with your advertising campaign. It is important to find the most important components which are related to the functionality of advertisements. For instance, you should check that your ad has an impressive track and correct query parameters.

After displaying your ads, you may use other elements of QA to have better outcomes. Ad screenshots are useful for verifying the information.

QA for your PPC campaign

You can make your PPC advertising campaign successful by checking some aspects of the setting.

Ad rotation

While testing your advertising copy, you need to ensure that your ads are set to rotate for an indefinite period.


You need to activate search partners for your search campaigns. You need to keep your search partners enabled to run your campaign. It lets you understand the performance standard. But, every account is unique, and thus, you need to deal with the network carefully.


You can find standard delivery in the default setting. Thus, Google will display your advertisements throughout the day. However, you do not like to go beyond your budget within a short time. That is why you can choose Accelerated delivery from the settings menu. You will gain a high volume of potential traffic to your website.

Budget for your campaign

It is important to set a proper budget for your PPC campaign. The budget must not be too low or high.


Another important factor is the targeted location for your advertising campaign. You can segment your ad account by local. You do not like to make your ads visible everywhere in this world. So, location is one of the significant aspects of advertisements.

What are the demerits of the QA process for digital advertisements?

QA processes are time-consuming and cumbersome, requiring third parties to get the best result. However, the problem is that the third person may not know about every nuance of your advertising project. Thus, some mistakes may remain unnoticed. Furthermore, it is essential to make your QA list bigger to avoid mistakes. It makes your team confident that it has not missed any setting.

QA for digital ads needs much effort to make your campaign successful. However, you can use automated tools to streamline the process. For instance, Capture is an automated tool for remarketing campaigns. You can integrate different tools into this patented software. This easy-to-use software has become popular among remarketing professionals.


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