Rebranding, Repositioning And Remarketing

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Rebranding, Repositioning, And Remarketing – Know The Differences

In digital marketing, you might have come across different terms like rebranding, repositioning, and remarketing. These are various approaches taken by brands and marketers. Unless you have understood each of them, you cannot apply the technique efficiently.

Basics of marketing, branding, and brand positioning

Marketing means every activity related to the management process for services and products. Marketers focus on the price, product types, places, and promotions.

Branding refers to the processes and activities to determine your brand identity and personality. It includes consistent visual development of your brand identity through logos, color schemes, slogans, and many other things. Proper branding enables customers to connect your product or services with your brand.

Brand positioning stands for a unique value provided by brands to their customers. Brands apply this marketing strategy to develop the brand identity and convey a value proposition. That is why a customer prefers one brand to another.

Defining rebranding, repositioning, and remarketing

Businesses employ a remarketing strategy when they find a decline in sales. Remarketing reintroduces a product/service into the target market after improving and upgrading it.

We can also define remarketing as an activity to re-engage customers after their first-time visit to your website. Despite visiting the site, these potential customers have yet to make a deal with you. That’s why you have applied the strategy to troubleshoot the problem.

On the contrary, rebranding is essential when you like to reinvent your present brand image. It is similar to remodeling a house to have a new look. So, rebranding helps overhaul your brand image without interfering with the values provided to customers.

Brand repositioning can alter your brand’s current position in the target market without interfering with its identity. So, you have to twist your marketing strategy related to the product, location, and price.

Benefits of rebranding

A common purpose for rebranding is to appeal to a new audience. Data-driven rebranding enables you to reach the right audience.

  • With a stronger brand, you will rank better. Rebranding is the best solution for boosting your brand. Google will notice it and elevate the position of your company.
  • The digital world has made it easy to enter the business world. To make your brand more established, you can run a rebranding campaign.

Benefits of remarketing

  • With the best-remarketing strategy, you can stay at the forefront of your potential customer’s minds. Your brand will benefit from repeated exposure.
  • You can reach the most relevant audience with remarketing.
  • Perfect timing is another advantage of a remarketing campaign. When you publish targeting ads, you do not know whether a particular group is interested in your product. However, remarketing is intended for those who have already visited your site.
  • You can reduce the risk of cart abandonment with remarketing.
  • As your remarketing ads remind the audience to return to your site, there will be a higher conversion rate. To make your remarketing campaign successful, you can choose the patented software Capture.

Benefits of repositioning your brand

  • You can boost sales with a brand repositioning campaign because it lets you enter new markets. You need to evaluate how the public perceives your business. Create an effective repositioning strategy accordingly.
  • Repositioning involves advertising activities to influence your customers’ perceptions. You can compete strongly with other brands. It is to be noted that only a few brands in the same industry apply the repositioning strategy.
  • After clarifying your target market, you can reposition your company better. Brand repositioning professionals do extensive research, conduct surveys, and deal with digital analytics. 
  • Repositioning also gives a chance to learn about different markets to be captured. So you will be able to diversify your customer base.
  • As you enter a new marketplace, you need to know the market dynamics. So, your business would become agile to adapt to the new market. It is essential to analyze goods’ quality, utility, and price.
  • Proper rebranding with relevant messages, a well-designed website, and a logo helps you attract top-tier clients. You can scale up your business and bring the most talented to your company.


It is now clear how rebranding, repositioning, and remarketing are different from each other. There are diverse purposes for these campaigns. But, you may need to apply all these 3 strategies to increase your sales and revenues

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