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Remarketing and Retargeting guide are common terms in the digital marketing world. Some marketers use these terms interchangeably, while others believe they have different meanings. Remarketing involves a lot of activities, including social media, paid ads, and email marketing. Offline activities are also included in this process. On the contrary, retargeting is a type of remarketing limited to digital ads. Let us provide you with a Remarketing and retargeting guide. You can attract visitors that have left your site without making a purchase.

Remarketing and retargeting guide 


When can you launch a remarketing ad campaign?

A retargeting or remarketing program is not intended for a short-term goal. You should have a long-term strategy to make this program successful. It does not give you results right away. If you have attracted 1000+ visitors to your site, you can apply the retargeting technique for those visitors with your ads. You will find an improvement in the conversion rate.

Other scenarios when you can start your remarketing campaign-

  • Presenting an offer- When you have thought of introducing a new feature to your product or a new discount offer, you can retarget your lost visitors. Your attractive offers may convince them to make a deal with your company.  
  • Promoting or advertising a new service or product collection– Remarket those things, which your customers currently enjoy. These things may convert your leads into customers. You will have a high ROI for your ads.
  • Clearing your inventory– When you have found your sales rate is getting low, you have to put in some extra effort. In this case, running a remarketing campaign does not cost much.  
  • Developing brand visibility– If your brand is not visible to your potential customers, you may not be able to win the competition. A customer always likes to know about a brand before buying products and services. Remarketing advertisements help you do it very quickly. These ads constantly remind viewers about the presence of your brand. 

Platforms used for retargeting ads

Facebook retargeting

The first step is to create your Facebook Business Manager account. Enter your account and reach the Audience section of the Ad Manager. To start a retargeting campaign, you must hit the Custom Audiences button. Then, choose Website Traffic and select your target audience.

Google remarketing 

Several visitors have reached brands through Google Display Network. These Display ads are remarketing advertisements visible to internet users. You should have an account in Google Adwords to run the campaign. 

Google remarketing ads are of different types

The most significant step is to develop a list of customized audiences. You can then run different tests like ad testing, frequency cap testing, bid testing, and custom combination testing. Let us now talk about remarketing ads of various types.

Standard remarketing

Advertisements are displayed to your previous website visitors because they have already used your Display Network sites. 

Dynamic Remarketing

Your ads are shown to those who have checked particular services or products on your site. 

Mobile app remarketing

Mobile website visitors and app users will find your display ads.

Video remarketing

Display ads are intended to target those who have watched your YouTube videos. You can make a list of email addresses of these potential customers. Visitors can come across your ads while navigating through different websites. 

Email remarketing

It is another strategy where you have to upload the email IDs of customers. Visitors will find your ads when they visit various sites. 

Remarketing is a cost-effective campaign; with proper strategies, you will earn a high ROI. You can use the automated software, Capture, to make your marketing process easier.

Remarketing campaign- Pixel-based and list-based

Pixel-based retargeting needs to use codes and cookies of the user’s browser. When the visitor leaves the website, it informs the advertising network to serve ads. Then

 the visitor is constantly targeted by the network through remarketing. Pixel is one of the essential aspects of this marketing technique. When it starts working, you can push ads to the right people.

List-based retargeting is another option that is based on the data you have collected. Most commonly, the goal is to increase the number of signups.  

So, you can now start your retargeting campaign. This brief remarketing and retargeting guide will help you solve your queries. Use Capture and any automated tool for this campaign.

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