Remarketing campaign: Know your target audience

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Who is the target audience of your remarketing campaign?

Online users come across several ads when they browse the web for information. However, remarketing is a paid marketing strategy for which you need to serve ads to those who have visited your site previously. But who should be your target audience in a remarketing campaign? You can target different types of audiences, and we have discussed them in detail.

Types of the target audience in a remarketing campaign

Visitors who have accessed your pricing page

A buyer may have visited your website’s pricing page. However, he has not made a deal with you. Still, he has a chance of taking further steps in the future. In most cases, visitors leave the pricing page because they have an intention to compare your price rates with that of your competitors. As they are a higher-intent audience, you can focus on them in your remarketing campaign. You can attract the audience with ads that show discount offers.

Cross-channel visitors

You can develop remarketing segments for cross-channel opportunities. It is important to target those who have already visited your website from a particular channel. It is the best option for the audience, as you can involve different platforms.

For instance, you have started running a LinkedIn ad campaign. You like to target those who clicked your advertisements from a campaign intended for C-suite professionals.

While focusing on the URL-based audience, you may target those who match your LinkedIn profile. With a UTM structure, you can tag your links. You will be able to copy the website’s landing page. The solution lets you pay for those visitors who have visited your page previously.

Industry-oriented page visitors

It is not easy to segment the audience by industry. However, segmentation is important for running a highly targeted campaign. 

You may have created some web pages related to different industries. Thus, you have to develop remarketing audiences separately for every page. Those who are interested in a particular industry can view your remarketing ads.

You may also target unique advertisements that serve audiences based on their needs. Companies that have varying collections of products and different price rates for industries can choose this approach. For instance, several organizations offer discounts for non-profit agencies. 

Shopping cart abandoners

Cart abandoners have found the designed product in your store and put it into the cart. But, they have left your e-store without making a deal. 

To entice these shoppers, you can show a special offer. Your remarketing ad will convince them to return to your website and buy the products in their cart. However, you have to be careful in this approach. Your visitors should not think you have forced them to purchase the product.

The best thing is that you have to show the USPs of your brand. There are some ways you can differentiate your services and products from your competitors. For instance, your competitors offer a 1-year warranty on the product, while you provide a 2-year warranty.

Your past customers

Some visitors have already bought products from your website. You may target them for your remarketing campaign. It is the way to attract them to be back to your site. However, the product to be promoted and the future remarketing time can vary with the type of item purchased. 

Suppose someone has bought a backpack from your store. He may like to purchase hiking poles and other types of gear. On the contrary, a person who has purchased a printer may not place an order for another printer. He may have an interest in ink cartridges. Thus, your ads should not annoy the viewers. You have to do everything cautiously. Some channels let you add a frequency.

High funnel converters

In the B2B industry, it is not easy to convert a lead into a customer without a lengthy process. Multiple touchpoints are involved in it.

You can offer a downloadable guide and invite visitors to register with your webinar. It enables you to develop an audience that is interested in your offers. 

You can easily create a remarketing list according to those who have accessed higher funnel assets. Moreover, you can create a new campaign, which targets an audience with a lower–funnel CTA (like product demos).

This targeting can also be done through the website pixel. You can reach visitors who have already filled out a particular form. These visitors may also have used your lead form on different platforms. You can build out your remarketing program for those who interact at every part of the buying process. 

Video viewers

Remarketing based on video views is another interesting trend. You can capture the viewers’ intent. Moreover, you will be able to identify those who have not visited your site. LinkedIn and YouTube are popular channels that enable you to create a view remarketing audience. For instance, YouTube lets you segment the audience based on the criteria like

  • Viewed your video from a digital platform.
  • Viewed a couple of videos.
  • Different interactions in the channel (like video likes, subscriptions, and visits).
  • Viewed your advertisement video from the channel 
  • Similarly, Meta is a platform where you can segment the audience based on the other criteria for the chosen video. You can also do it for multiple videos.
  • Viewed your digital video for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Watched up to a particular part of the video 

Again, LinkedIn lets you categorize your video view audiences in different ways. Based on the chosen platform, you can take a step.

Your target should be to create an audience, which comprises viewers dedicated to watching the major part of your video. Identify the higher-intent viewers who have a chance of downloading an asset and attending your webinar. Viewers who have watched a shorter part of the view may be eager to view additional content in the future.


So, you have now understood the types of the target audience in your remarketing campaign. To automate your remarketing campaign, you can use the software- Capture. It is a patented software to make your campaign activities easier.


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