Remarketing communication for insurance companies: Important things

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 Remarketing Communication For Insurance Companies

Nowadays, several consumers prefer buying insurance online. This trend is especially noticed among Generation X consumers. You might have created an online site to sell your insurance policies. But have you found a high bounce rate on your website? Although several potentials reach your landing page, most of them leave the site without filling out the contact form. You can solve the problem with a remarketing campaign. Professional marketers know the right way to position your brand to engage more online shoppers. A brief guide on remarketing communication for insurance companies will be helpful.

Remarketing refers to marketing tactics, which encourage your potential customers to re-encounter your insurance business. While talking about remarketing campaign, we need to say that it refers to 2 major things-

  • Sending emails to those who have abandoned lead forms
  • Retargeting your website visitors with advertisements, even direct mail.

However, you have heard that retargeting and remarketing are slightly different from each other. Remarketing has different subsets, and one of them is retargeting. With your retargeting approach, you can target potential customers who have previously landed on your site. But, Google AdWords introduced another term, known as remarketing. Some of us use the terms interchangeably. 

Remarketing communication for insurance companies: When do insurance agencies need remarketing ad campaigns?

Remarketing campaigns for your insurance agency involve long-term goals. Thus, you may not find the instant result from this campaign. For instance, your insurance website receives over 1000 visitors every day. You can retarget them with ads for a higher conversion rate. Remarketing ad campaigns are the right choice in several other situations.

Launching a new offer

Do you like to offer a discount on an insurance premium? In this case, remarketing is perfect for visitors who are eligible for the offer. You will find some website visitors converted into your customers.

Releasing a new product

Your insurance agency has thought of introducing a new insurance policy. So, remarketing will be the most effective way to get back your visitors and convert them into customers. You will find a higher ROI for your paid ads.

Developing your brand visibility

Presently, your insurance agency does not come up in front of the target audience. It prevents you from winning the competition. Potential insurance buyers always like to know about your business before making a deal. That is why you can invest in retargeting ads. These ads constantly remind shoppers of your presence. 

Remarketing ad campaigns are of different types

The most important step is to create a customized list of audiences. You can then run different tests like custom combination tests, ad tests, frequency cap tests, and bid tests. Google AdWords marketers know about these testing processes.

  • Dynamic retargeting- Dynamic ads are visible to visitors who are interested in particular services and products on your site.
  • Standard Remarketing- Your previous website visitors can find your ads while visiting Display Network sites. 
  • Remarketing Lists- When your visitors make additional searches on Google, they will come across your ads.
  • Video Remarketing- Display your ads to those who have watched YouTube videos of your brand. To start remarketing, you need to create a list of email addresses of your potential customers. 
  • Email Remarketing- You must have a collection of email IDs of potential customers. While navigating through different websites, visitors will see your ads.

What are the common purposes of remarketing your insurance business?

You cannot merely start your remarketing campaign for an insurance business. It is important to think strategically before taking any steps. You have to make out the most relevant things to potential customers for which you start remarketing.

Product pitches


You may have thought of remarketing your brand with ads, phone calls, and emails. In every way, you can bring your insurance product in front of the target audience. Your retargeted ads become activated when a visitor hits a particular page of your site. Professional advertisers know how to make your ads visible to visitors.

However, product-oriented remarketing communication for insurance companies does not let visitors feel that they are tracked. You need to follow up with those visitors and continue your conversations.

Emails for abandoned carts and forms

Insurance websites do not have shopping carts. However, there is a chance that visitors can leave the site without buying the desired product. You may find several reasons behind it. For instance, the visitors have visited your site without any real intention of buying your product. Maybe, something on your site has distracted them. 

Before automating your email remarketing campaigns, you can identify the reasons for leaving your site. You can also test your emails with different variations. It will enable you to create more effective email content.


You have already identified products purchased by your customers. Thus, you may now apply the remarketing technique to display better products and services of your company. With the remarketing approach, you can display add-ons. Some of your customers may like to grab opportunities.

Capture leads

Some potential customers have not started the buying journey. You cannot directly ask them to purchase your insurance products. Remarketing gives you a chance to knock at their doors.

You may not be able to get their contact details during the first visit to your site. That is why retargeting ads can be the best remarketing technique. Use ads to provide free resources, including webinars, blogs, and white papers. It will increase the chance of filling your funnel.

Final thoughts

So, you can start a remarketing campaign by hiring a team of certified digital marketers. They will provide you with the best solution for your insurance business. However, the most important thing is to set your goal. Another valuable thing is the data for follow-up. Both phone numbers and email addresses are valuable for remarketing communication for insurance companies. You may use these details for remarketing your business to your target audience.

Insurance agencies can rely on remarketing campaigns to take advantage of display advertisements. Remarketing is a tactic that enables them to reach your goal. Properly positioned display ads can provide them with the best value. However, you can engage marketers to avoid mistakes.


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