Retargeting landing page design- Find a comprehensive guide

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Retargeting Landing Page Design- Find A Comprehensive Guide

Do you know that more than 90% of your website visitors are not ready to make a purchase? They do not click a button and avoid filling out a form. After a few seconds, they leave your site. But, there is good news for you. You can bring back those visitors with a retargeting technique. When visitors have just navigated your site, they are basically hot leads. Thus, targeting these visitors with your advertisements will increase the conversion rate. Surely, your competitors have taken this approach to get leads back. But, the biggest mistake made by several brands is the landing page. The retargeting landing page should not create confusion. 

A brief concept about the landing page

It is a web page that your target users hit after clicking on the advertising link. It may be on any page of your website. But, the page should be designed to capture leads. A blog and homepage cannot be chosen as the landing page. This page needs to have a clear goal without distractions to potential customers. What are the objects of a landing page? You may choose any of the objectives like-

  • Subscribing to newsletter
  • Registering for your event
  • Booking a call
  • Buying a product

Why do you need retargeting landing pages?

It is important to develop a landing page for your retargeting strategy. You need to direct your potential customers to this page. There is no irrelevant element on the landing page. That is why the page stimulates users to take a final step. 

Make sure that the messages delivered by your ads are not different from one shown on your landing page. Thus, you have to choose the right set of keywords for your ads and landing page.

A professional standard landing page and high-quality retargeting advertisements should correspond to each other. You must work on both these aspects to achieve the desired results. 

Some marketers claim that they cannot get several clicks on their retargeting ads. In this case, they should refine these ads and ensure a high-converting solution.

The structure of a good post-click landing page

Post-click retargeting landing page optimization is a way to persuade visitors to hit the CTA button. Thus, what elements are highly important for your landing page?

  • A clear CTA button with a contrasting color.
  • Your image should be attractive and relevant
  • Your lead capturing form must not be complicated
  • The heading should be understanding, precise, and persuasive.
  • The page needs to have some trust indicators
  • Mention USP- Reinforce your claim.

Mistakes in creating your retargeting landing page

Message not shown clearly

Your attractive offer needs to be visible and identifiable within 5 seconds. Although the message is short, it has to gather attention.

No easy call-to-action

Your landing page CTA should be bold and bright. Be careful while using the action words. Make the button enticing to viewers. For instance,

You can make requests like-

  • Book your consultation free today
  • Free demo offer 
  • Redeem your discount
  • Become a member for free

A/B Testing- Not done

A minor issue with the landing page can affect the result. It can also make your landing page less effective. Everything needs to be tested properly, from the headline’s wording to the CTA color. Until you find the result of the test, you cannot know what converts successfully. 

You can design multiple landing page versions to focus on every detail, including the background color, CTA, headline wording, visuals, and images.

Several companies have claimed that A/B testing is effective in making landing page conversions successful. Thus, you cannot overlook this process while running a retargeting campaign.

No segmentation

You will not get the best result simply by displaying your ads to every visitor of your site. Some ad clickers may have heard about your brand name for the first time, while others hit your site several times.

Thus, retargeting gives you a chance to create particular rules for different steps taken on your site. Your potential customers may be at varying stages of the purchasing process. By displaying your ads, you can move them through the sales funnel. 

Most effective strategies for creating a landing page for retargeting campaigns

While running your retargeting campaign, you like to avoid brand blindness and ad fatigue. 

You visit a site and find ads related to your search. But, when you come across those ads 3 to 4 times, you think of overlooking them.

But, retargeting ads have the potential to stimulate conversion. They will not keep your potential customers away from your brand. You can achieve this goal in some ways.

Identify the frequency cap

It is one of the important steps for preventing your customers from viewing your advertisements. However, you can set the limit to 20 times a month. Lower the frequency for those who have already visited your platform a number of times. 

Rotate your advertisements

You can avoid ad fatigue by rotating your advertisements. Your target audience must not see a particular ad daily. With graphics, you may keep your advertisements new and fresh.

Never overlook upselling and cross-selling

You can retarget your lost leads with varying services and products. They might not have found what they had anticipated from your site.

That is why complementary services and products can be the perfect solution for your target audience. Retargeting will stimulate leads to become loyal customers. It is also an effective choice for those who have browsed your site without making a purchase.


You always focus on the ad design and content. However, it is essential to deal with the retargeting landing page design. It is similar to a PPC game. Both ad quality and landing page design standards are important for the campaign. However, to automate your retargeting campaign, you can use Capture. It is a patented application with several integration options.

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