Retargeting: The Best Strategies and How to Get Started

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You can boost your conversions and improve your marketing strategy with retargeting. However, there are efficient and inefficient ways of doing this. To get started with your remarketing or retargeting strategy, you need to know the difference between these and how to integrate it into your site.

Remarketing vs. Retargeting

When looking at creating a retargeting strategy, understand that remarketing and retargeting are different, though occasionally used interchangeably.

Retargeting impacts ads that a site visitor sees after leaving the site. For instance, if someone clicks on a site and leaves, they will see ads for that site if the ad platform has integration with a retargeting program.

Remarketing sends an email to site visitors who abandon forms or carts. This email has a link to get the individual to finish their work.

Retargeting Strategies

With retargeting, you need to decide what you want your site visitors to do. Do you want them to buy products from your site or download a paper? Start your retargeting by making sure that your website is effectively driving traffic toward your goal for visitors.

Next, decide which of the two common retargeting strategies to use – generic or dynamic. The former creates standard ads for all former site visitors. However, the latter creates ads based on what the individual did on your site. For instance, if they looked at dresses on your fashion site, the retargeting ads would show them more dresses or related items.


How to Get Started

To get started, you need to have a system on your site to track site visitors and connect to your ad campaign. For instance, you can use Capture®  to integrate with Google Ads to create a powerful retargeting strategy that works automatically.

Consider integrating remarketing into your retargeting strategy to take advantage of the power of direct email as a tool. In fact, there are even options to incorporate direct mail with remarketing to raise its effectiveness in raising conversion rates.


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