Save money on PPC campaigns: Best tricks

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Best tricks to save money on PPC campaigns

Do you know that advertisers earn $2 for every $1 invested in Google Ads? Thus, a PPC campaign on Google’s network can double your money. Still, it is not a 100% guarantee that you will surely achieve this goal. You need to apply the right tactics to get the desired outcome. Although it is intimidating, it is highly compelling. The best fact is that there is no need to create a big budget for PPC to generate sales. So, how do you save money on PPC campaigns? A brief guide will help you to make your campaign more cost-effective.

Best tricks to save money on PPC campaigns

Be careful while choosing the network

Picking the best PPC advertising network is the most important thing before starting the campaign. Every ad network has some pros and cons. Moreover, there is limited ad space in some advertisement networks. Ad spaces on the LinkedIn platform are not much cheaper because they are mostly intended for the B2B market. Advertisers who have a high advertising budget can choose this network.

You can find that the minimum bid for LinkedIn ads is around $2. As a beginner, you can stick to Facebook and AdWords. Some advertisers claim that AdWords can be costly for newbies. Thus, you can choose the Facebook PC advertisement platform as the cheaper alternative. As Facebook has several users, you will surely find your target market on this platform.

Make tight ad targeting- Create clear ad copies

Without proper targeting, there is a risk of losing money on your PPC campaign. The major reason behind it is that almost any type of viewer can click on your ads. It will increase your ad spending. Those who do not belong to your target market may hit the ad. Ultimately, you will not find a positive ROI from your campaign. It is essential to know the way to target your PPC advertising copy properly.

You should understand your customers and identify the best technique for using the targeting features on an ad platform. 

You have to know your Buyer Persona, which portrays your ideal customers.

The information regarding Buyer Persona can vary with the industry.

While running your Facebook PPC ad campaign, you may rely on the Audience Insights tool. It is easy to use this tool for Buyer Persona development. Upload the customers’ list to Facebook and create Custom Audience. 

Focus on geolocation

To save money on your PPC advertising campaign, you can take advantage of this special feature of Google Adwords. For instance, a dentist in Chicago likes to make his advertisements appear in searches of users from that city. 

While dealing with the settings of your campaign, you can target a particular city, country, and state. Moreover, you may also try out radius targeting to ensure better results. 

Geolocation settings for an ad campaign are highly significant to selling products and services from a particular location. You can set working hours of operations. 

Invest in call-only campaigns

Call-only advertisements are perfect for advertisers to generate calls from PPC campaigns. Those who have viewed ads will make a phone call to learn more about a business. Small businesses and startups who have a limited budget do not like to invest in landing page development. 

While some visitors abandon shopping carts, others take action after reaching the landing page. There is always a risk that your visitors might not convert. That is why call-only campaigns can be a money-saving option for your business. Viewers will click on the ad and call your team for further queries. The best fact is that this type of ad will be visible only to mobile users. There is no need to waste money on visitors using unsuitable devices.

You also have a minimal chance of missing your potential customers, as they do not reach your landing page. 

Be an efficient copywriter

A professional ad copywriter plays an important role in making your advertising campaign more cost-effective. The truth is that no one can become a good copywriter overnight. You need a long-term effort to become a highly skilled copywriter. By refining your copywriting ability, you will find a better result in your campaign. 

With the best copywriting skills, you will be able to convey your message more clearly. You will receive more relevant clicks on your ads.

Moreover, you can maintain the relevancy of your PPC ads and your landing page content. Thus, you will find a higher rate of conversion due to your consistent effort.

Take some time to refine your copywriting skills and create the best content for your ad and landing pages.

Create a proper schedule for advertisements

The best way of controlling the budget is ad scheduling. Proper ad scheduling also ensures optimal business visibility at a particular time when most of your potential customers are online. For instance, you keep your store open between 11.00 AM and 10.00 PM. You can make your ads viewable during your daily working hours and drive more traffic to your store.

But, while selling your products and services online, you are always active. You can then choose a timeframe when you find the highest traffic level. It lets you avoid negative ROI.

It is better to combine geolocation and ad scheduling techniques. You will have better control over the location and timing of the advertisements.


You have now understood the way to save money on PPC campaigns. PPC ads are beneficial to bring in new traffic to your website. Google AdWord also provides you with several features to get impressive outcomes. You can better start with a small budget, and then you can increase it gradually. PPC campaigns are also effective for remarketing purposes. You can retarget your lost visitors with these ads. To automate your retargeting campaign, you can use patented tools like Capture. It is intended for capturing your leads from different sources.

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