Target audience size for Facebook ads

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Target audience size for Facebook ads

Have you already started leveraging social media platforms for promotional purposes? Then, you might have invested in Facebook ads to reach your message to the target audience. But what should be the best target audience size for Facebook ads? It is one of the biggest questions of several social media advertisers.

Facebook audience of 2 major types

Facebook-saved audiences

Location, gender, interests, income level, and age of Facebook can define the saved audiences. From the Audience Manager section, you can find the Saved Audience option. There are also targeting options. For instance

  • Location-oriented targeting– It involves postal codes, DMA, state, country, and region. 
  • Demographics-oriented targeting– It lets you refine the audiences according to their age, language, and gender. 
  • Interest-based audience targeting– You have to learn the audience’s interests for proper targeting. 
  • Behavior-based targeting– Try to identify the audience’s behavior by analyzing their purchase patterns. 

Custom Audiences 

These audiences have gained a high priority because they let you retarget the lost website visitors. The current customer files help you in understanding the Custom Audiences. It is the way to display your custom Facebook content to your app users and subscribers.

Why should you give importance to the audience size?

The question of the perfect audience size for your Facebook advertisements is confusing. It can range from 45,000 to 1 million. But, a few factors can affect the ideal size- 

  • The target location 
  • filter and funnel 
  • Budget
  • Your knowledge about creating ads  

These are some relevant factors associated with the campaign’s audience size. The average population size of the target location differs significantly. After narrowing down the target country, you can reduce it to the cities, states, and provinces. The higher population size indicates a greater target audience. 

Your budget and Facebook audience size

With a high budget, you can run a grand marketing campaign. It also ensures that your ads will have a better reach. Thus, more investments will enable you to get in touch with a quality audience within the shortest time. You can use tools like a Facebook planner to understand the number of users you will be able to access with the current investment. 

The fraction between your potential reach and your audience size will present you with a concept of how fast the marketing campaign will hit the target audience. 

Why should you give importance to the target audience size for Facebook ads?

You need to focus on these factors to find the answer to the question.

Frequency and better reach

Suppose your business has reached a target audience of around 800,000 Facebook users. However, it does not ensure Facebook will reveal your message to all those users at a time. This social media platform would pick users randomly to convey the message. Moreover, you cannot nurture your relationship with thousands of Facebook users with a limited budget. For this reason, you must narrow down options to ensure the right frequency and good reach. The term ‘reach’ refers to the number of unique Facebook users, whereas frequency is how many times you like to reach them.

Rule of 7

As the digital world has loads of information, it is not easy to make your message easily noticeable to your target audience. According to the rule of 7, your audience can take steps after seeing your message 7 times. This concept lets you define the number of times your Facebook advertisements will be viewable to your audience. It will let you reach the right audience on the platform.

Alignment of your audience message

Your business message should be aligned with your target audiences. After finding the target audiences, you can craft the best message, which is relevant to them. Most importantly, your audience and your brand should be relevant to each other.

Alignment is one of the most significant factors, as it lets your audience find the real value of your products and services.

Facebook ad audience size- Globally and nationally

While selling services and products internationally and nationally, you desire a large audience size.

The audience size must be at least 250,000 Facebook users.

The size should not be bigger than 5% of the population of the target locality.

For instance, there are 45 million Facebook users, and you can target about 2.25 million population.

The audience size seems to be really big. However, Facebook recently has started applying the best technology to display the right type of advertisements for conversions. Due to the special algorithms, Facebook can understand the audience and the type of behavior. 

So, let Facebook sort the most relevant things, and you will get the best results.  

Local business and the Facebook audience size

While running the local business, you should take a step a bit differently for Facebook advertisements. In this, you will have a smaller target audience. The way you approach it varies with the target market.

For instance, there are almost 10 million Facebook users in cities like New York and London. You may do your activities almost like international and national businesses. However, while operating your business in a small city with around 300,000 users, you can approach the target audience size differently. 

No ideal size 

There is no particular path to assure success. The biggest truth is that Facebook is evolving continuously, and it introduces new features every few years. You cannot find accurate data about the audience size because Facebook has not published any details about it.

But, you can at least segment the Facebook audience and use different tools to get the best outcome.


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