The Ultimate Guide to Remarketing

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Remarketing is one of the terms that many people throw around without really knowing what it means. Understanding this idea can be the first step in creating an effective total campaign that includes getting new visitors, keeping them, and getting them to return. With a simple guide to remarketing, you can find out how this strategy can help your advertising to become as effective as possible.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing uses advertising methods, such as direct mail or email, to connect a second time with individuals. Marketing is the overall method of getting people to learn about a company’s name and to encourage them to patronize a website or business. Once these people visit a website, they become visitors. Across various industries, the average conversion rate from marketing alone is 3%. However, visitors may not finish their business on the site and need another contact to request that they return.

Remarketing uses different wording and audiences than standard marketing, making it more effective than regular marketing for creating conversions. In fact, remarketing can boost conversions by double digits, with average rates of 15%.

Why Remarket?

Because you spend so much money on standard marketing but get a small return, you want to keep the people who respond to your initial ads. Remarketing keeps your company in the minds of this group of people. They have already shown interest in your brand by beginning a web form or putting items into a shopping cart. You just need to give them a little nudge through remarketing to get them to be counted among conversions.

Guide to Remarketing Steps

Remarketing is about getting people to come back to you. 

  1. Utilize google Ads retargeting
  2. Use Capture® to collect high intent website traffic and automate email remarketing.
  3. Social media ad retargeting from website visitors and competitor sites.
  4. Direct mail retargeting from website traffic. (Learn more about Direct Mail retargeting and our AMPpartner program.)

Get Capture® to Rocket Conversions for Your Website

If you find that your marketing isn’t generating enough conversions, you may be missing the vital component of remarketing. Sign up today for Capture® to automate the variety of options you have for contacting visitors. Make your website better than ever by following this guide to remarketing and integrating Capture® into your site.




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