Top 5 Ways That Help To Remarket Lost Leads

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Top 5 Ways To Remarket Lost Leads

Are you satisfied with the high number of leads obtained by your marketing team? But, every lead has not been converted into your customer. A lead refers to the person interested in your services and products. But, some leads do not end their customer journeys with a successful purchase. They are lost leads of your business. We will discuss the top 5 ways to remarket lost leads.

Several companies have not taken any initiative for a lead recovery campaign. However, you can increase your sales rate with effective steps for recovering leads.

5 ways to remarket lost leads

Re-engaging the lost leads involves some steps.

1. Identify the reason for losing leads- Analyze them in detail

What is the root cause of losing valuable leads? You must know them before taking any steps. Try to find answers to some questions.


  • Cold, warm, and hot- What type of leads have you lost?

Warm and hot leads have a high chance of making a deal. You need to take proactive steps to address their issues. However, you should also pursue cold leads until they have canceled the leads.


  • Did the leads not understand your services and products?

In some cases, your potential customers do not receive details on your products from emails, brochures, and websites. Your product demo may also be confusing. You can train your sales team to let them guide the customers.


  • Is it the slow response time?

Several B2B companies take almost 2 days to send a response to the leads. However, customers always prefer a quick turnaround time. Thus, you have to solve this problem to enable the leads to enter the sales process.

2. Target the lost leads in different ways

It is always important to track data with advanced technologies. Random marketing will not give the desired results. You can pay attention to behavioral targeting to increase conversion rates.

Behavioral targeting involves the way to analyze how your potential customers are attracted to your website content and social media posts. Based on the analysis, you can personalize your marketing campaign.

Some lost leads targeting techniques are-

Lead segmentation

Rely on advanced software for automatic segmentation of the leads. The segmentation will be based on your company size, email engagement, customers’ geographical location, and some other details.

Customized ads

Automated marketing software enables you to post the most effective ads. More than 70% of customers anticipate personalized promotions. You can reinvigorate your dead leads in a range of ways.

  • Display your product from a different perspective.
  • Design a personalized landing page.
  • Find the blog articles that have attracted your leads.

Targeted emails

You have found that some of your leads have left your website in the midst of the purchase process. Send them an email and let them know that you have refined your products. You can also inform them about any potential discount.

3. Choose the right contact mode and communication timing

Although you have authentic and valuable content, you must deliver it properly. While creating your re-engagement campaign strategy, you have to decide on the perfect time for communication.

Several customers like to interact with the sales representatives within the shortest time of contacting the company. You can create your email delivery time schedules. You might have delivered your email in the morning and found no response from the recipient. In this case, you have to adjust the timing for connecting with your dead leads.

Moreover, the communication mode is another important factor related to lost leads. While some leads prefer email communication, others like to rely on phone calls and SMS.

It is also essential to start a conversation with an attractive subject line. For instance, you can write about limited-time offers and product updates. Send a clear and personalized message to your leads. Add the most effective CTA button and place banners to gain more attention.

4. Remarket your products through social platforms

Social media channels are the best remarketing platforms, as they can appeal to a wide audience. As your potential customers use social networking, you can take advantage of social media retargeting. There is a high chance of visibility of your ads on social platforms.

However, make sure that you have created eye-catching ads that persuade users to click on them. You can share the best testimonials and discount codes with your social media followers. But, how will you decide on the content to be shared? Some users have visited your site for the first time, while others have added products to their shopping cart after researching your brand. You need to show different ads to these 2 different categories of users.

Similarly, website users who have abandoned their shopping carts can show a response to your dynamic product ads. A few users have reached your website’s homepage. Nevertheless, they have not taken further steps to make a deal. You need to push them forward with advertisements and convince them to purchase your products.

5. Remarketing and retargeting via video

It is another method for regaining your lost leads. However, it is best for brands that have developed a strong presence on YouTube and other similar platforms. Video retargeting is effective for remarketing the leads that have viewed your YouTube videos. Based on the activities of your YouTube channel viewers, you can apply remarketing techniques. YouTube. 

You need to track who has subscribed to your channel and liked your content. In fact, videos always dominate the digital marketing world. Your potential customers like to watch your videos every day. But, you must show the branded video content to make your campaign successful. Interesting videos from your brand will trigger a response from the target audience.


These are the top 5 ways to remarket lost leads. Are you now ready to start the remarketing campaign? You can rely on the Capture® software to make your marketing activities easier. It also lets you integrate different third-party tools to streamline your marketing process.


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