TOP CRMs and How Their Powerful Integrations Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

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Your marketing strategy needs to include a variety of ways to handle your customer base. The following integrations can help you to boost sales, increase connectivity with your customers, retarget site visitors, and more. If you don’t already use some of these tools for your marketing, you could be holding your website and business back from their full potential.



Salesforce is one of the best-known names in CRMs. It connects marketing, customer service, and sales into one centralized software that allows for viewing every customer. This tool is a commonly used solution for many businesses that need to handle their customer data. It also allows multiple app add-ons to increase its usefulness.


Blitz Sales Software

Blitz Sales Software is another option for those who want a purely web-based CRM solution. It allows for the creation of web forms, tracking, report creation, opportunity tracking, and much more. Like Salesforce, it permits integrations with other app solutions.



HubSpot is a sales, marketing, CMS, operations, and service software. For your marketing strategy, HubSpot provides automation of some marketing campaigns, analytics, and lead generation. By integrating this software with other marketing solutions, you can get analysis and more information on abandoned leads.


Advantage ColorGraphics: Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

Don’t limit your marketing strategy to only the internet. In fact, Advantage allows businesses to create mailers and more to reach customers at their homes. With the Automated Mailing Platform (amp), Advantage can send out mailers to more effectively connect with site visitors and increase conversions.


Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Capture® to Facilitate Automatic Remarketing on Your Website?

All the above marketing strategy solutions can become even more powerful by integrating them with Capture to automate remarketing toward those who abandon forms on your site. To get started, sign up for Capture today and integrate it with your favorite CRMs.






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