Top Four Ways to Retarget Your Website Visitors to Get More Sales

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Improve your site’s sales through retargeting. You have multiple options to get back to former site visitors. However, there are some that are simple and highly effective. Make sure that you are using the following ways to retarget to maximize the return on your efforts.

Google Display Ads

Among ways to retarget, Google Ads is one of the best known. You can send Google Ads lists of people who visited your site to produce retargeted ads. Integrating Google Ads with Capture lets you generate these lists automatically.

This system lets you set up dynamic ads that target former site visitors through the ways they used your website. For example, if someone browsed through your online store, they can see that same item in a Google site ad.

Facebook Retargeting

Another of the many ways to retarget site visitors is through social media. Facebook retargeting also allows dynamic ads similar to those used by Google Ads. However, Facebook requires the use of its data tracking code, Facebook pixel, to collect information about site users. The retargeting system lets you examine this collected data to create customized audiences for retargeting.

Retarget with Email

Email retargeting is very different from spamming random people. Capture® conducts the process of email retargeting automatically. This method uses information based on incomplete carts or forms on your site to match up the data to ethically sourced databases. The information found allows the site to send an email to the site visitor. You can customize the emails that your site sends to adapt to your target audiences.

Since the person already interacted with your site, they recognize the email sender and are more likely to click through. In fact, Capture®’s automatic remarketing can produce conversions of 10% to 15% on average.

Direct Mail Retargeting

Using direct mail to retarget site visitors is a highly effective way to get people to convert. When using this method with an automatic remarketing tool, such as Capture®, the process of multichannel marketing is effortless. The same information collected to remarket through email can also create physical mail to deliver to site visitors’ homes. This method brings your website directly into their daily lives.

Make Capture® One of Your Ways to Retarget Your Site Visitors

Get your site visitors to become repeat visitors who will make purchases, complete forms, contact you, or otherwise become conversions. Sign up for Capture® today to start automatic remarketing on your site that can create email and direct mail remarketing parts of your ad campaign.




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