Top Website Integrations to Help Grow Conversions

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Website integrations are an important digital marketing strategy to master for your website. Conversions don’t naturally come flooding in as soon as you set up ads. In fact, you need to do some work to improve standard conversions to get significant numbers of leads. Integrate your website with multiple tools to increase conversions and better handle your site visitors.


Typeform is a powerful tool to turn anyone into a website creator. You don’t need to know how to code to put surveys, forms, quizzes, tests, or polls. If you want to make completion of one of these forms the metric for your site conversions, make it easy for visitors to find the form and send reminders to those who do not finish the form.


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing tool that lets you create all your pieces in one location. You can craft emails, social media posts, landing pages, postcards, and more. Plus, this system allows you to automatically send marketing messages to new site visitors, regular patrons, and much more.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the tool you need to see how well your marketing methods are working. This tool gives you information about site visitors, conversions, and much more. Additionally, you can have the program send you alerts or generate custom reports on your visitors’ actions on the site. With this tool, you can determine the impact that different marketing strategies have on your site.

Google Ads

Google Ads gives you control over who you market to through Google and its related sites. If you choose to use this tool, you can create ads that help increase a specific goal. For instance, you can choose to have more people phone your company or visit your website. You can even choose to market only to users in your part of the country if you are a local business. With Google Ads, much of the effort of delivering ads to people most likely to visit the site is reduced. Additionally, you can use this with website integrations such as remarketing tools to create targeted ads for site visitors.

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