Twitter remarketing ads: Guide to running Twitter remarketing ads

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Guide to Running Twitter Remarketing Ads

Have you already invested in Twitter ads to promote your products and services? However, consumers do not always show their desire to purchase during their first-time interacting with a brand. That is why you can think of starting a Twitter remarketing campaign. Twitter remarketing ads are also effective in reducing the cost per lead.

You can use the Twitter Ads interface for your remarketing program. There is no need to rely on a third-party setup.

Basics about Twitter remarketing ads

The concept of Twitter remarketing advertisements is not complicated. When consumers are ready to purchase a product and service, you need to present your brand in front of them.

Thus, remarketing is the most effective way to reach your goal. By leveraging Twitter Ads, you may use promoted Twitter cards and tweets to remarket your products to particular users who have visited your site.

Targeting tips for the Twitter remarketing campaign

Past website visitors

You can promote your top-selling products to potential customers who have already visited your site.

Users who are interested in your Tweets

You may have found some Twitter users regularly responding to your Tweets. You can target them in your remarketing program. 

Newsletter recipients

You can promote your newly released products and services to those who have subscribed to your newsletters.

Decide on the type of Twitter ads

Every campaign is different, and you need to choose between Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets, as both are promotional tweets.

Ads with an image are best for Promoted Tweets. You can increase click-through rates and visibility for Twitter remarketing campaigns.

There are 4 types of Twitter Cards- Summary Card, Image App, App Card, and Lead Generation.

Lead Generation cards are intended to collect user-oriented details. When a Twitter user has clicked on the card, you will receive his email address. Similarly, App Card is designed for app users, while the Summary Card involves an image-filled headline to draw the audience’s attention. 

Twitter presents you with 3 remarketing options

  • Lists

It is one of the best options for reaching your target users. Moreover, it lets you upload multiple types of lists to retarget your potential customers. Upload Twitter usernames that have to be retargeted.

You may also use your list of subscribers to match them with accounts registered with Twitter. It will be easy to target your Twitter subscribers.

Upload your list and identify those who are responsive to your advertisements. It is the easiest way to make your target users familiar with your business.

  • Mobile ads

Businesses that have released mobile apps can rely on Twitter for remarketing campaigns. You may create multiple lists to customize your advertisements to every user.

For instance, remarketing ads can be targeted to those who have recently taken action, like app installation and registration. You can gather data about your app usage using conversion tracking tools. It is the best approach for reaching qualified users. This option also lets you acquire potential leads and nurture them into customers.

  • Website Visitors

You may not have a list of subscribers. In that case, you may obtain data from your website to target your website users. Install tracking cookies to collect data about your website visitors.

While using Twitter Ads, you can take advantage of the website tag feature to obtain data. Place the tag on your site and track the visitors of particular web pages.

Find the best Twitter remarketing campaign tips

With a few tips, you can make your Twitter remarketing program successful.

Customize your ad content

Consumers like to see ads customized to their needs and interests. They feel that these ads are designed only for them. You have to create relevant ads for every user to serve his needs. It will also increase the rate of conversion.

For instance, you have to create a website for your catering business, and it attracts a high volume of traffic. Create custom ads tailored to your visitors. Link your blog posts to your ad to provide highly valuable content to your target audience. Ad viewers will return to your site to become your customers.

Try out different options

You have already understood the type of ads that work effectively for your audience. However, Twitter saves you from making any guesswork. Test different ad variations for every campaign to identify the best result. Twitter lets you deliver a single ad to every individual in a group. Similarly, you can create a different ad to target other members in that group. It is one of the beneficial features of seeing ads that produce the best outcomes. There is no need to invest money in ads, which bring no results.

You may also try ads of different types to implement the right strategy. While some target users prefer image ads, others like to see video ads.

Set the right budget

Similar to a digital marketing campaign, your Twitter remarketing budget needs to be adjusted. Based on your goals, you can modify your marketing budget. Try to lower your CPC and reach the target users. You need to reach more users for a particular amount.

Stick to the best leads for remarketing campaigns

There is no need to remarket your products and services to every Twitter user. Segment your target audience based on the web pages visited by users. Add Twitter tags to the popular pages and install relevant tag codes.

You should also customize the remarketing message for every webpage. With more customization, you can convert visitors into your customers.   


Have you now decided on running Twitter remarketing ads? The brief guide will solve your problem and enable you to set up your advertisements. However, to automate Twitter remarketing and other remarketing campaigns, you can use the Capture software. It is a reliable and patented software equipped with innovative features. Moreover, you may also integrate third-party tools for your automated remarketing campaigns.

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