Ways to Reduce rates for Email Unsubscribes

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Ways To Reduce Rates For Email Unsubscribes

The most frustrating situation for email marketers crops up when they find several recipients have unsubscribed from their newsletters. The email list depreciates every year, and marketers should accept this truth. In fact, unsubscribing is a way your list is doing self-cleaning. But, how do you reduce rates for email unsubscribing?

The good news is that you have some ways to minimize the number of unsubscribes. You need to implement some strategies in your email marketing campaign.

Is the unsubscribe rate acceptable?

It is safe to keep the email unsubscribe rate not more than 0.5%. The rate, which is lower than 0.2%, indicates your success. But, when it is above 0.5%, you must do something for your marketing campaign.

What are the ways to reduce rates for email unsubscribes?

There are some easy ways to reduce rates for email unsubscribes.

Segment your subscribers

To make your marketing campaign effective, it is important to put the message in front of the target audience. Segmenting email subscribers is the way to do it. It may also be of different types- unsegmented, segmented, and highly segmented. Interestingly, the majority of your contacts will belong to the unsegmented lists. 

You may also create a targeted list based on subscribers’ details like location, age, and behavior. 

Map your email content

Have you learned a lot of things about subscribers by nurturing leads? You can now map the content manually to their behaviors. How will you do it? Use Google Docs and spreadsheets to organize the content and deliver it to the right segment. 

Mapping your email content to every list segment ensures that your subscribers have received proper content. You can send relevant content and lower the chance of unsubscribes. For instance, a subscriber who is trying to do an evaluation during the buying journey would benefit from an industry-focused case study. With content mapping, you can fill the gap in the email content development strategy.

Craft the most attractive subjective lines

Subject lines are the most important part of your email. But, what should you write in the blank space to convince readers to open your email? The size of the subject lines should be between 3 to 5 words. You may also add at least 1 emoji. Make sure that the content is in the title case. However, to craft the best subject line, you have to personalize it by adding the recipient’s name.

Develop the most valuable content

As you have segmented email subscribers, you can deliver emails that convert. There are a few steps to crafting the best content. 

  • Set a goal- Your email marketing campaign should have a goal. Do you think of increasing your social media shares? Is it about boosting your revenue?
  • Define strategy- As you have identified your goal, you know the product that you like to promote.
  • Find the target audience- What type of email recipients would like your product?
  • Compose the message- The email content should be about your brand and its products. Add the CTA to the email content. Your message needs to stimulate your recipients.
  • Deliver your email- You may choose any platform to send the message. However, email is the best mode to communicate with your potential customers.

Adjustable frequency of delivering your custom email

Your email subscribers have the freedom to select the type of content they like to receive via email. Similarly, you can give them the option to adjust the frequency of receiving email newsletters. While some subscribers desire it multiple times every day, others prefer it once every month. Thus, you need to send emails according to their tastes. Add the option to the bottom of the email. 

Test the frequency of sending emails

Not every subscriber will tell you about the frequency of receiving emails. Thus, you have to be proactive to test out the email frequency that shows the best result. Based on the outcome of the test, you can run the email campaign. Start sending emails at different frequencies. It will provide you with a better understanding of what works best. 

Offer multiple modes of communication

In some cases, though the recipient likes your content, they think of unsubscribing it. The major reason is that their inboxes are getting overloaded. Thus, you can provide them with other communication options like social media, RSS, and SMS. There are several other ways to let them know about the latest news about your company. 

Make your email content mobile-friendly

Today, several interested users use email on their mobiles. This trend will be on the rise in the coming years. The subject line of your email should be visible to the mobile user. Moreover, the content should be crisp and precise. However, it must have the potential to persuade your readers to take action and make a deal. CTA, icons, and other visual elements have to be touch-friendly. Make sure that they can be touched without zooming in on the screen. Your fonts have to be large to ensure that an average reader can view them clearly.

Your emails must not load slowly

The slow-loading emails can annoy your subscribers. That is why you must test the loading speed to make your marketing successful. Do not add very big images that affect this speed. Moreover, while designing elements, you need to ensure that they can be rendered properly on mobile devices.

Offer incentives, discounts, and other special things

Discounts and other offers can convince your subscribers to open your email. Emails that provide information about regular deals may not be unsubscribed easily. Thus, you may try to add this type of interesting content to your email.


Have you now thought of starting an email campaign? These few tips will enable you to reduce rates for email unsubscribes. However, you can use automated software to streamline the process. For instance, Capture® is the best software to automate your email remarketing campaign.


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