Web traffic: Paid and free ways for driving web traffic

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Paid and free ways for driving web traffic- A comprehensive traffic

There are infinite options for drawing web traffic. Right? But, they have made you overwhelmed. How will you decide on the right technique for driving web traffic? You can find both premium and free options for this purchase. It is better to combine both these options for the desired result. 

Does your web traffic guarantee quality?

Your web traffic plays an important role in driving a higher rank of your website. However, what you should ensure is that the rise in traffic will lead to a higher engagement rate. You may find higher web traffic and a low conversion rate. This scenario indicates you have not been able to bring in valuable traffic.

So, optimize your site and find a higher conversion. Include CTA, add lead capture forms, and provide the right information to your visitors. Your ultimate goal should be to drive qualified traffic. There is a high chance of converting your traffic into leads and then into loyal customers.

How to increase your website visitor value

There are 2 biggest tricks to do it-

Do not focus on low-performing keywords: You can gain higher revenue with a higher visitor value. You can achieve this goal by eliminating underperforming keywords. You can do it by inserting negative keywords and eliminating low-grade keywords from your advertising platforms.

Identify successful sources: Analyze the source of web traffic and find how users access your website. The insightful data should include everything, such as the time of day and location. You can then create your advertising budget for these sources. 

Paid advertising techniques to attract more visitors to your site

Google Ads and Google Map advertising

Using Google Ads, you can make our website visible in the search result. When your potential customers make a query by entering a particular word, your ads will be visible to them. Google has algorithms to check accounts bidding on the keyword. According to the relevancy and quality of your ads, you will have paid results.

You can find paid search results at the top of Google’s SERP page. Your website will have more traffic, and you will get qualified visitors. You pay only when someone has clicked on your advertisements.

Google Ads platform enables you to select preferences. So, your business will be shown on Google Maps. Google Maps advertising technique is also effective in driving paid traffic.

Display advertising

Branded banner advertisements are display ads found on relevant sites. For instance, you may have a fitness business. Your advertisements should be visible on the web page related to athletic gear. It lets you bring in highly relevant and valuable traffic.

Social media ads

Your advertisements will be displayed in relevant feeds. Social media advertising is a good way to make your brand name and products visible to the target audience. During this ad campaign, you need to mention the type of target audience who will see your advertisements. Gather psychographic data and make your social media ads more effective.

Retargeting ads

Remarketing and retargeting ads on social media feeds and websites are paid techniques for drawing traffic. Place your ads in front of those who have visited your website once. So, there is a chance of drawing them to your site.

To make this retargeting campaign successful, you can use Automated Marketing software- Capture. Capture is a versatile solution to attract high-intent website traffic. You can also run your remarketing campaign using this software and integrate different tools to get effective results.

Free ways to bring in web traffic

Use online directories 

Make your brand name visible on different platforms like review websites and free directories. Insert your website link into your profile. You can then easily update the listings and receive several positive reviews. Yelp and several other directories have high domain authority. A free page on Yelp would have a higher rank on the most relevant searches.

Develop backlinks

Backlinks from industry influencers and reputable businesses will make your business reachable to a larger target audience. Google identifies backlinks and makes your website trustworthy. You will find a higher rank when other trusted websites point to your platform. Your business website will get noticed on Google’s SERP results.

Social media posts

Another free marketing option is social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Promote your blogs on social networking sites.

It is the best way to convert social media fans and followers into web traffic. Make sure that you have posted sharable content on social media.

You can easily create useful content as you know everything about your services and products. Create your content marketing calendar and post the best content.

Add hashtags to your posts

While promoting your blogs and website pages, you need to add relevant hashtags. Your content will be discoverable to your target readers who like to know about your services and products. Your links will be more visible to audiences, and so you will receive a high volume of traffic to your website.

Create landing pages

Attractive landing pages have the potential to appeal to a large number of website visitors. Show discount offers, free guides, free trials, and other attention-grabbing things. 

As landing pages are directly related to your services and products, you can win a lot of traffic to your landing page. 

Target long-tail keywords

Although online users mostly use short-tail keywords, it is challenging to rank your website for them. That is why you can find a higher-ranking opportunity with long-tail keywords.

Email marketing

Promote different offers by sending email newsletters to your potential customers. Useful links and information on your web pages will easily bring traffic to your site.

So, you can now start marketing your website and attracting more traffic. We have provided you with the best ways to drive web traffic. Create your marketing budget and choose the best platforms used by your target audiences


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