What Constitutes a Form Abandonment for Remarketing?

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Abandoned forms are much more common than you might think. In fact, 80% of people report abandoning at least one form online. You work hard to get those people to your site to begin filling out your forms. So, don’t let form abandonment stand in the way of lead generation. Make the most of remarketing efforts with help from Capture.

What Is Form Abandonment?

An abandoned form happens when someone begins a form by placing any character into any of the form fields but does not submit the form. Therefore, someone who only looks at the page with the form but leaves it untouched is not counted among abandoned form statistics. Only those who begin the form in any way and fail to complete call to action are abandoners. Remarketing to those who abandon forms can improve your site conversions by 10% to 15% or more.

Related to abandoned forms are incomplete cart checkouts. Shoppers who place items in their online carts but do not complete checkout count as abandoned carts. You can use automated remarketing methods to get these shoppers to return to finish their purchases, too. In fact, across the industry, those who remarket to cart abandoners can recover between 10% and 30% of lost revenue.

Why Should You Care About Form Abandonment Rates?

High rates of abandonment on your site indicate possibly lost opportunities. These people have already found your website online and shown interest by browsing it and shopping or starting a form. Remarketing to these people can have a higher response rate than initial marketing because they already have familiarity with you and your site.

If you have high abandonment rates, look over your forms to see if you have obstacles that keep people from submitting information. Some common reasons behind form abandonment include:

  • Forms that are too long
  • Forms that ask for sensitive information
  • Users who feel concerned about data privacy or use
  • Inability to interact with the form easily on a mobile device
  • Lack of incentive for filling out the form

After correcting any of the above issues, you can work toward remarketing to those who abandon forms or carts on your site.

How to Remarket to Those Who Abandon Forms or Carts

Remarketing does not have to require a lot of time or effort from you. With Capture, you only set it up and let it do its data gathering and automatic remarketing. Automation is part of the method used by Capture, which means that you don’t need to put effort into remarketing to those who leave forms or carts.

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