What Is a Marketing Pixel and How Does It Work?

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While you may have heard about pixels that combine to create digital images, they are not the same as marketing pixels. However, the two have some things in common. Understanding image pixels may help you to grasp the meaning of a marketing pixel and how it is used.

What Is a Digital Image Pixel?

A digital image pixel gets its name from the term “picture element.” Each of these is a very tiny square that is one color, dictated numerically in the computer’s code. Like puzzle pieces, several pixels fit together to create a larger image. However, you won’t see the individual pixels unless you look very closely. While each pixel is very small, they contribute to an overall image.

What Is a Marketing Pixel?

A marketing pixel helps you to create a larger view of the visitors to your site. Each pixel is a very tiny piece of code used for tracking. By tracking behavior on your website, a marketing pixel can trigger remarketing tactics or other efforts to help your site become more effective.

How Are Marketing Pixels Used?

Marketing pixels are used to track and retarget site visitors or to track conversions. For the former, site visitors who start to fill in a form or add products to their shopping cart but leave trigger a remarketing email sent to them. This email encourages conversions by requesting visitors return to the site to complete the form or finish their purchases.

A conversion marketing pixel determines the source of conversions, helping you to hone your marketing tactics to become more effective. By using marketing pixels, you can improve your site’s effectiveness and boost your conversion rates.

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